The two sides very nearly started a nuclear war over the Cuban Missile Crisis. Most of those involved in what happened that night in an Auckland harbour have simply disappeared. They were both released within less than two years. Unless otherwise stated, the copy of the website is licensed under a CC-BY International license. The ship would help to evacuate the people of Rongelap Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The crew’s first thought: We’ve been hit, possibly by a tug. David Lange becoming Prime minister of New Zealand greatly strengthened New Zealand's anti-nuclear stand, and helped spur on anti-nuclear protests, specifically those against French nuclear tests in the Pacific. A few others, including the photographer Fernando Pereira, are still chatting around the mess-room table, sharing between them the last two bottles of beer.

The French government saw its nuclear testing programme as essential for France's security (even though a nuclear armed world is hardly a secure one). The Rainbow Warrior lies half-submerged in Auckland Harbour after a bombing by French secret service agents in this 1985 photograph. He was hospitalised and lost vision in one of his eyes for several months. Given the fragile post-World War II climate, the nuclear powers became careful not to provoke each other. The second bomb, on the ship's keel, ended up killing Pereira. It was an attempt to prevent Greenpeace from protesting French nuclear testing in the Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia. The Rainbow Warrior could carry large amounts of supplies, which meant that it could protest for a long period of time. Photographer Fernando Pereira who was killed during the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. To this day, historians argue about whether or not such weapons should ever have been used against Japan. 10 July 1985. Atmospheric testing meant that radioactive fallout was carried by the wind for vast distances, which contaminated the environment. The USA and Britain stopped testing in the South Pacific in the early 1960s. The USA dropped these nuclear weapons to speed up the end of the war against Japan and avoid a costly ground invasion of the Japanese home islands. The Rainbow Warrior is in Marsden Wharf in Auckland Harbour after the bombing by French secret service agents. Those already on deck scramble up the ladder or leap to safety on the wharf. France moved its testing programme from Algeria to French Polynesia in 1966. © GREENPEACE The USA used the Marshall Islands. A gaping hole can be seen in the side of the Rainbow Warrior following the bombing by French secret service agents. It’s a spirit that will always live on. The French navy found it very difficult to deal with non-violent protesters who would not cooperate. This caused outrage in the international media and the French government was left humiliated. The Portugal-born Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira had joined the crew of the Rainbow Warrior to document the French nuclear testing and bring his photographs to the world.

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