Monday Matinee presents Angela Baddeley Frank Pettingell. Mr Birling: There'll be rapid progress everywhere...except of course in Ruussia, which will always be behindhand naturally. Sybil Birling, "a rather cold woman" of about fifty, is Arthur's wife. Read about our approach to external linking. [15] The production returned to the Playhouse in London's West End in November 2016, with Liam Brennan in the name part.[11]. An Inspector Calls is a play written by English dramatist J. First, it is an example of immediate post-war drama, which means that it was written after World War Two.

Sofort wird Gerald aufmerksam und gesteht, im zurückliegenden Sommer mit einer Daisy Renton eine Affäre gehabt zu haben. Learn more, When the inspector asks Eric his questions, they are very short, simple and straight to the point. Der Aufbau des Stücks folgt den Drei Aristotelischen Einheiten: Der moderat sozialistisch geprägte Priestley behandelt im Stück einige der für ihn typischen Themen. J.B. Priestley wrote An Inspector Calls in 1944. Cast: Ralph Richardson as Inspector Goole, Harry Andrews as Gerald Croft, Margaret Leighton as Sheila Birling, Julian Mitchell as Arthur Birling, Marian Spencer as Sybil Birling and Alec Guinness as Eric Birling. Gerald kommt wieder in das Haus zurück und klärt die Familie auf, dass er soeben mit einem befreundeten Beamten der Polizei geredet habe und es keinen Inspektor Goole gebe. The world of the play is its cultural and historical context as well as the characters' situation and relationships. It stars Alastair Sim . After living through two world wars, Priestley writes this play trying to get across his point that unless the world becomes socialist there will be another World War. At the mention of Eva's alias "Daisy Renton", Gerald starts. He is described as creating "an impression of massiveness, solidity and purposefulness." Priestly puts across a clear message in the play is that being responsible for you is not enough to make the world a better place. An Inspector Calls is set in 1912, it was written and performed in 1945 (he was known for writing quickly!). Birling stellt erleichtert fest, dass nichts geschehen und somit auch niemand in irgendeiner Weise schuldig sei. The first radio production was broadcast on the BBC Home Service on 27 March 1950 in the Contemporary European Theatre series. Oktober 1946 im Noël Coward Theatre mit Ralph Richardson als Inspektor Goole Goole next turns his sight on Sybil, whom he identifies as the head of a women's charity to which Eva, pregnant and destitute, had turned for help. All rights reserved. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. A full-cast unabridged audio adaptation and analysis was released on audio CD and MP3-CD in the United Kingdom by SmartPass in 2004 as part of their Audio Education Study Guides series. He does not bother to ask complicated questions, as it has been established that Eric is guilty, and all the inspector needs now, are the details, 'Where did you meet her? Seine Londoner Premiere feierte das Stück am 1. Mr Birling: There'll be rapid progress everywhere...except of course in Ruussia, which will always be behindhand naturally. Priestley stellt damit gesellschaftliche Veränderungen der vergangenen Jahrzehnte dar. Learning from a second call to the infirmary that no recent cases of suicide have been reported, the family surmise that the Inspector was a fraud and his story fictitious. The play also arguably acts as a critique of Victorian-era notions of middle-class philanthropy towards the poor, which is based on presumptions of the charity-givers' social superiority and severe moral judgement towards the "deserving poor". Goole reveals that Gerald had installed Eva as his mistress, becoming "the most important person in her life", before abruptly cutting her off. Gerald's revealed affair with Eva puts an end to the relationship, though Sheila commends him for his truthfulness and for his initial compassion towards the girl. The audience is kept engaged in suspense as they too try to figure out who deserves most of the blame. J.B. Priestley believed that the upper class was consistently failing in its ethical duty to help those in the lower classes. "Your father and I have been friendly rivals in business for some time now - though Crofts Limited are both older and bigger than Birling and Company - and now you've brought us together, and perhaps we can look forward to time when Crofts and Birlings are no longer competing but working together - for lower costs and higher prices. Das Stück spielt im Jahr 1912 im fiktiven „Brumley“, einer „Industriestadt in den Northern Midlands“. He displays them as selfish and complacent and unwilling to admit their mistakes. Log in now!

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