[30], In September 1928, Henry left England with his brother Edward, Prince of Wales, to shoot big game in Africa. Though he desired to serve in more active roles as a soldier, his position as a senior member of the royal family effectively ruled out any such options. The caravel was able to transport heavy loads and the latest news from faraway lands.

In November, the brothers were recalled to England due to their father's worsening health, and soon after Beryl returned too. He then ascended the Gambia River before returning to find Henry near death. Diaz went roughly 5,750 nautical miles and wanted to continue further, but his crew threatened mutiny after a severe storm. [39] The mission came just after Prince Henry had become a father for the first time, and it was considered a dangerous trip, as the Germans were rapidly advancing toward some of the territories the Duke would visit. The Duke's two narrowest escapes both came in May 1940. Henry was the first son of a British monarch to be educated at school, where he excelled at sports, and went on to attend Eton College, after which he was commissioned in the 10th Royal Hussars, a regiment he hoped to command. Because of Prince Henry, Portuguese explorers were the first to sail to Africa's Gambia River. Jacobs, Prince Henry the Navigator, 45. upgrade your subscription. Cadamosto eventually explored Gambia River, sailed upriver and also reached the Islands of Cape Verde. He was interested in improving Portugal’s position in the world, but he was more interested in the world as such. He was a royal prince whose fascination with explorations substantially paved the way for the age of exploration, also known as the age of discovery. Prince Henry's school sent 14 expeditions into "The Sea of Darkness". The other purpose of Prince Henry was to establish routes for trade. . Before Prince Henry, sailors and navigators refused to sail toward Africa. He returned to Portugal after erecting a pillar to mark the discovery. Despite losing two of his four ships and half of his crew, his three-year journey earned a massive profit for Portugal. Born in the tranquil port town of Porto, Portugal, on March 4, 1394, Henry was the third of six children of Portugal’s King John I and Queen Philippa.

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