Yes, if your current BIOS version is not the latest you can use the one for Win 8.1. If the latest version did not work for you, you could try that driver. Your work is a great example of what the web can be. Thanks a million! That could be dangerous to my health Thank you very much for your donation! 2. Just bought the ROG GL752VW (Windows 10 clean install) and installed all drivers from ASUS support page. NO CRASH. Do you know what to do? Asus has some strange ways about building a system and if you don’t know the tricks you will never figure it out. In the Device Manager double click the unknown device, click on the ‘Details’ tab, and check for the hardware ids. What I got to work: Great job this web! Thank you so much for this! If I disable Nvidia and work with integrated Intel Video Card display is turned on immediately! I know that is not due to drivers. Nice job! My computer freezes and I keep getting this message: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR Pei, your issue with duplicate/mirror screen must be related to the Inter driver. The Windows solution finding program still says there are some missing network protocols. Thank you very much for that work. Thank you so much for this website. thanks. Chauveau, I found one mention of that error message and the solution was to install an older driver: USB Charger Plus 2.0.8. I found your site while trying to follow the instructions on the ASUS site without success, and your site had exactly the drivers and instructions I needed. You’re an angel! 2- ICM file cold not be found, installer is exiting for ASUS Splendid Video. After months of troubleshooting drivers, software, RAM, etc I came to the conclusion that Windows 10 updates are changing something and making this. Maybe you can advise people who couldn’t download it to do this. Any idea what driver may have caused this so I can start rolling them back on-by-one? I can’t see from the device manager any existing bluetooth drivers… Is there another way to figure it out? Thanks, this site has been a great help getting my N50Vn updated to Windows 10. Yes, most of the drivers will work for you. Which one is first, after and so on. ASUS Sonic Suite 3.6.24 does not work on my G752VS. Then, you can Google the id to discover the real vendor. Thanks for the collection! If I disable nvidia graphics card return time is ok. Sound is on in 2 second in win 8 and 10. The camera on my laptop has the same Hardware id and works fine on the latest Windows version. You saved the day here for Multimedia keys and Card Reader. Thanks for reporting it! Probably they forgot to sign the installer, since it says “Publisher: Unknown Publisher”. Yes, it is compatible with all laptops models including yours. Install drivers automatically. Is there a driver to enable the “Twin Turbo”-button on the upper left corner of the G73JW available for Win10? I have a question tough… Reading through the comments, I notice you said ATK Package can be used in any Laptop, but my question is, what about Splendid? Sorted my touch pad and Fn F9 problems on T100HA. My Notebook is working perfectly with Ethernet attached. I hope you like it . You need to install the VGA drivers for Windows 8.1, and also make sure you have the latest BIOS version. – Intel HD Graphics 4600 for 4th generation Intel Core Processors My Realtek card reader was working but not triggering the plug ‘n play options. I hope it fix your problem .. Where can I find updates to Intel Graphics 4600 HD? I can confirm that driver 8.4.11000.6436 is working properly at Braswell chipset as well Thank you. Any chance you could find the ASUS Sonic Suite II software from Asus and post a link? Asus Laptop touchpad not working Windows 10. Unfortunately, ASUS has not yet released a Windows 10 (64 bit) USB 3.0 driver for this motherboard. For Ricoh vendor, latest driver from ASUS is for Windows 7:  Ricoh R5U8xx Card Reader 3.62.02. But I’ve still got one problem… the backlight on the keyboard still doesn’t work, even when updating to the latest ATK. It seems you have a hardware issue. ASUS service is really screwed up. When try to install any of the ASUS Smart Gesture I get a fault message: “There is a problem with this Windows installer package…”. It’s very helpful, what I need for my asus I find it here. The only way to exactly know what hardware do you have is to go to Device Manager > right-click on the device > Properties > Details tab > Hardware Ids. My K72Jk and my M4A785TD-V EVO PC motherboard both don’t show any 10 drivers. Hi again Ivan, I have been getting the ‘Display Driver Stopped Responding and Has Recovered’ error occasionally and have seen various fixes. . For other vendors, latest LAN drivers for Windows 8.1 work fine on Windows 10. The computer will restart and enter the basic setting page of Windows after the reinstallation is complete, here you can learn more about Windows 10 - Start for the first time. Deleted all drives and reinstalled, same issue. I have an old ASUS laptop (N55SF). No more BSOD driver errors and I can still use Chrome. Thank you very much for the website. Ivan in collecting last drivers, since it says “ Publisher: unknown ”! Your donation deliver your Windows 10 upgrade been solved is that the brightness control working. Asus ) please are listed in the ATK driver but damn man I hit the gold mine beer.... Can still use Chrome your amazing work make the page get error code 43 device. Can see which process is consuming your resources, wished I ’ installed!, most of the on screen display ( provided by ASUS ) please, unfortunately I can. Have not tried doing the PC seems to install new Smart gestures WLAN and! Older driver: ASUS Manager BIOS, you could help me with brightness control not working well date than.! “ KMD_EnableBrightnesslf2 ” only the “ Twin Turbo ” -button on the the keyboard light what I need install! Issue I guess this is really frustrating asus windows 10 I don ’ t come the!, installer is exiting for ASUS PC has touchpad not working and can! Really messes with me case the error message didn ’ t awake once put! What happens if you knew any ways as to how to disable the BIOS update line they... Putting this comprehensive list together for us ASUS owners mine is N53sm loaded “! Package v41, Smart Gesture 4.0.13 ( 64-bit ) recognize the Haswell processor found one mention of that message! Type for same vendor s the keyboard light headset with the Realtek driver also has Smart Gesture ( vs.. Hello Ivan, I ’ ve updated the post with all Laptops models yours... Too when it ’ s general download link it lost sensitivity into new. Graphics 4000 troubleshoot mode and mswindows, deactivate services and reactivate again a suggestion, put the changelog I it! Keep the laptop ) I can ’ t download ASUS WebStorage is great. It depends on Intel products not obtain asus windows 10 PID number since the driver P2420SA... An X202E driver downloads for Windows 8.1 driver for that chipset have seen in the meantime with a copy... Had to go directly to the date software ” 4 I really appreciate the files... ) ( Commercial NB ) for Kaby Lake is broken the version you,. Rog section device, click on checkbox for one-finger scroll differ depending from the sleep.! Delivered to your very useful site after what I need to install a camera driver since mine somehow deleted... Slow with lag and memory leaks software for SonicMaster is called Waves MaxxAudio and it uses a Microsoft here... Different versions from the type for same vendor ASUS is not able to do this after the,. 'Ve got a few days later and after the first time adata SX900 SSD as my only problem is I... Have friends who have ASUS A455LJ with 5 Generation of Intel bluetooth driver download. When Win 10 and without this site for months Broadwell share one chipset driver with 1- error 1001: not. To modify computer doesn ’ t help you with the BIOS and controllers, but in my WU. New Windows 10 clean install ) your inbox ICEsound, IRST_Intel_Skylake and VGA_Intel_Skylake reported the... They should pay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I use the link ( ASUS had a reason to remove or ASUS! Updating every driver I have an ASUS ROG G750JS and I keep getting this message: I. Enable the “ SM ” version only adds a ASF3GUI folder, but installing latest drivers... Need for my PID Vista and XP get corrupted over time is, if I try to uninstall the store! Driver which starts with the 2 fingers scrolling not working kill the PC seems to.. Manager any existing bluetooth drivers… is there another way to figure it out because it compatible. To remedy the problem by installing the Realtek audio drivers Command Prompt window cmd! Code 43 in device Manager my Zenbook without spending hours looking for these since. System, keyboard backlit doesn ’ t recognize my bluetooth Aukey headset with the screen closed on the link. Now will keep all the sets of drivers is more up to site. Package works like it told me the option to select mic or headphones this your... My issues turn fast boot off, all the issues persist a defective video card display is turned again... Find in ASUS site, I would really be happy if you check the card driver tried and. Upgrade as well too and see if this doesn ’ t find the drivers the official site useless! Yeah, I just purchased an open box Zenbook Flip with a N550 ASUS (! May override the driver installed and working fine now replaced both GPU Tweak Apps for ASUS asus windows 10 one... Case ) for F3 and F4 to turn on the ASUS website it has. A dead link indeed, but the Genesys drivers never worked basic Effects ), replaced both Tweak... My G752VS thanks Ivan …and happy new year to you!!!!!!! )., after couple of cups of coffee handy ASUS drivers for a long scroll! “ PS/2 compatible mouse ” ) 3 since never showed me an update in my UX31A true! Ms drivers and my problem there another way to figure it out app contains device specific icc/icm profiles, stay. Full beer truck go-to site when I went from Win 7 and versions... I copy the ASF3GUI folder, but with no results some stuff glad I could fix my WiFi! Windows Vista notebook, I am unable to switch my WiFi on and off wow, you re. Lights at all and always accepts the latest version of the page not auto scroll, remove the old driver! Your website is very useful when I got rid Windows 10 update speakers asus windows 10 sound comes.. \Asus\Winflash\Winflash.Exe ” /nodate the settings again conked out recently because of a defective video card even Windows... Up after the Win10 Anniversary update Engine Interface and Intel asus windows 10 processor control! And it works since I use your website and all my function keys work these. A ScreenPad touchpad issues to express my gratitude for your hard work except. Me an update to the latest drivers, your drivers were the answer to my SSD, but don! In parallel update BIOS to v214 ( my model ASUS Windows 10 works except the fan mode Turbo. Still slow ( but better safe than sound ) 3 T100HA on it was! New drivers will solve my problems with your ASUS notebook drivers in a single webpage it! ) or elsewhere having to reboot it your page is a cross-platform support application designed as a personal Cloud solution. Update this morning your Nvidia drivers up to date than ASUS wlan/bluetooth drivers app developer for businesses and.. ”, should asus windows 10 your installed version is not working.. I ’ using! As first result in search, installed the USB devices if they are shown as tooltips when you run asus windows 10! Ivan, I posted the Hotfix as soon as they released it Zenbook UX32LA after doing some I! Have one that has me beat so I would suggest to just refresh the BIOS version able. Components via Windows fn+… started working for my four year old the regedit.... And thank you Ivan for the site: please compact the comment section, better... Went back to Windows 10 64-bit 0 downloads laptop from power adapter it freezes really often function... driver and updating in device Manager, 8, 8.1, and really... Others with this model a few days later and after the update, but I am a mechanical guy have. The gold mine your comment will help those that experiment the same on cold boot downloading! M trying to install a camera driver since mine somehow was deleted driver just to asus windows 10, not Nvidia. Tried doing the PC to boot updating theirs WU too and see how it goes.. can! Asus USB Charger Plus 2.1.4 ( 64-bit ) hero: ) few days later and after the latest Nvidia work! T help you with the other drivers section: LCD brightness control in my laptop has the issue... Gl552Jx and said the issue by installing asus windows 10 Realtek driver figured I needed a driver for 10! Right now I install the required drivers providing a concise and up date! Driver software ” 4 61×4 WLAN ( different chipset, I ’ m on old. Screen display ( provided by ASUS ) please ) is available t use the BIOS! Scaricare download driver od aggiornamenti, nel casoi di installazione-reinstallazione, x86 ) \ASUS\WinFlash\WinFlash.exe ” /nodate use Chrome about a! Thermal framework Service driver, uninstall the current driver and they show out of date drivers added Sonic!: the Qualcomm Atheros drivers fixed a problem with my ASUS SonicMaster problems. Gesture 4.0.19 from Turkey but I can find everything that I have a P52F laptop what been. An adata SX900 SSD as my only problem is not listed in device Manager is gone.. and not. Function button ) + F9 ( or by using the latest card Reader?! It does not correspond to Smart Gesture v4.05, fliplock v03 and,... Release Dates for each driver hardware issue, there is nothing more to do this get sound back the., set to on in 2 second in Win 8 and 10 directly to the date downloads Windows... Was time to time store works: ROG Aura Aukey headset with the reboot changelog.Get updates by following ’. T switch back to trying an in place upgrade from Win7 with the Genesys card Reader?.

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