Stay tuned for #4 coming right up – another one with a tough subject matter, but this time with a comedic tone! I read about how Lale was smuggling food to give to starving prisoners that were his friends and I felt a pang of guilt. Book Club Discussion Questions. but other readers may not be familiar with Mengele. This story is so special because it is based on the events of the lives of two resilient and brave individuals but the happily ever after ending that some people have taken away from this story is misleading.

To him, all women were beautiful and he believed there was no harm in telling them so. Lale and Gita also had a child called Gary and his afterword in the book provides a lovely insight and perspective to finish the book. Morris did spend three years with Lale Solokov, this began in 2003 a few months after the death of his wife Gita at the age of 87 when he made the decision to share his story with the world. The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris is based on the true story of Holocaust survivors Lale and Gita Sokolov.

Book Review. How old was she when she was sent to the camp? Despite the pressure this book did not disappoint. seen this film, and you can view a trailer for the film, The trailer shows a scene with the leading actresses and their characters Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor engaging in debate and dialogue. I’m grateful he told his story. The fact-checking report does discuss the role of Mengele in this book highlighting an inaccuracy but again I won’t spoil a storyline. There are adult references and language throughout, this book was not written for children. A suitcase with the information – Marie Kafka from Prague – made me stand still and think about this woman Marie. I realised I shouldn’t feel guilty but instead grateful and reading about the horrific experiences of others can really provide perspective and gratitude. I understand why Miller did this as she wanted the focus to be the love story of Lale and Gita, how they managed to be together but I wanted to know more about what happened during the next phase of their lives as they were once again in trouble, had to flee the country and eventually ended up in Australia where Lale would meet author Heather Morris many years later. I really enjoy reading books that are highly recommended through word of mouth.

There is also a fear for other characters in the story and whether or not they will survive. Calgary, Alberta, CANADA.

Research and Resources for every classroom. ( Log Out /  Morris also spoke to other Holocaust survivors, including Lotte Weiss who shared her own personal memories of Lale and Gita. Thank you for your feedback. Everyone loves it when they find a book that they simply don’t want to stop reading because it is so enthralling – this is one of those books. I have been to visit Auschwitz and Birkenau in addition to other former concentration camps. I am sure there are so many incredible stories we don’t know! Do you think that was his “luckiest” quality? Which of his close encounters with death impressed you the most? Best Book Club Guide.

Directions: Click on the correct answer. This book has received never-ending praise from critics and readers alike, so what better way to … Most people I have spoken to that have read The tattooist of Auschwitz have claimed to do so in one or two days because they could not put the book down.

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