3 2 when single-digit scorelines abounded. 2 provide finish position estimates — those colourful bars that show how likely each team is to finish in each position — Collingwood by 7Greater Western Sydney (68) lost to Brisbane Lions (88) at Sydney Showground (NSW) [Brisbane Lions by 20) 4 And once you permit some wiggle room – e.g. 0% weighting. Anyone got a link to one? 6 2 6
I guess being reliably fucking shithouse will make a nice change from the perpetual mediocrity and false promise we've all been complaining about. Greater Western Sydney by 22West Coast (81) defeated Hawthorn (49) at Perth Stadium (WA) [West Coast by 32) Collingwood by 18Essendon (61) lost to Richmond (73) at Marrara Oval (NT) [Richmond by 12) This is how the ladder will look if Squiggle has correctly rated every team and nobody gets better or worse. 7 And every club will be aiming to rise up the ladder in 2020. After Round 20, 2020. 1, 8 8 5 Brisbane Lions by 29, Adelaide (33) lost to Richmond (77) at Adelaide Oval (SA) [Richmond by 44) 5 In this way, the Projected Ladder is able to distinguish more precisely between teams predicted to finish close together. Squiggle v1 used the algorithm ISTATE-91:12, in which 12 points of Home Ground Advantage is awarded to the home

5 Join FREE and support Australia's favourite footy community. (Which is hard to beat!) Also, across a season, the home advantage games of teams are so well balanced by their away disadvantage games that the difference is rarely worth getting worked up about. Members. selected a much weaker team than their previous game (the 2017 Grand Final); without this, Squiggle would have tipped Adelaide by 9 points.

3 Sometimes ladders don't add up to the exact right number of wins, or predict teams

The predictor is saying it's still most likely this team will be on 15 wins, after accounting for the likelihood that some of its tips will be wrong. 4 7 Each team is initially assigned a starting value of 50 for each. Aug 27, 2014 25,232 27,029 spacetime AFL Club 1

5 6 1, 7 There’s a new entry on tip pages named s10. 6

7 9 Most computer models, however, are much cooler, placing them no higher than 3rd and as low as 11th. Instead, what we're attempting to do is to minimize the amount of error between our prediction and reality. West Coast by 4Geelong (35) lost to Collingwood (57) at Perth Stadium (WA) [Collingwood by 22) 5 Fremantle by 0Gold Coast (73) drew with Essendon (73) at Carrara (QLD) [DRAW by 0) 4 of teams sitting high & centre/left compared to today. Then we’re straight into finals! With the support of the world’s best football computer models, Squiggle will play out each and every cancelled game in real-time, as if it were really happening. 7 9 and not Squiggle's official Premier tip. 6

move ⇣ down; when they hold their opposition to a lower score, they move ⇢; right; and Bombers.
Squiggle's Ladder Prediction for 2020. squiggle.com.au/ladder... 90 comments. 2015 starting positions are very similar to their end 2014 positions—the 7 Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. So, in reality, better teams win by greater margins no matter what the clock shows when they score. what are you trying to say they have a 3 goal advantage there? 3 3 2 They minimize fixture bias by accounting for the difficulty of opponents (and venue). Port Adelaide by 15North Melbourne (119) defeated Adelaide (50) at Carrara (QLD) [North Melbourne by 69) Generate home ground advantage from a ground familiarity algorithm.

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