Architect JJ Talbot Hobbs, Register of the National Estate Indicative Place State Register Permanent 16 May 2008.

Symmetrical form. The uniqueness of the bridge adds to its historical importance. Classified by the National Trust Adopted 05 Mar 1985. formerly House 16 Bland Street. A modern octagonal shaped building located on a semi-rural block of land. A brick and stone house with brick quoins. Congratulations to the author of this amusing but deadly serious and painstakingly researched bit of satire.Is what's alleged here a one-off rip-off or part of a pattern of behaviour stretching back years? Now a residence. In those days there was only one state tourism award every year. No it's not a one off Yes there is a pattern and Yes it stretches back yearsIs any other person, councillor or council employee, alleged to have had fingers in the till? Features quoins to openings and timber detail to verandah.

He got away with this for years and the DLG did nothing about it. Substantial additions were made to the building in the 1980s. Constructed from 1890.

Simple classical façade. Associated with Wheeler Brothers, original wheelwright settlers in York. Monument and Park, York; Fallen Soldier's Mem, York War Memorial.

Constructed from 1900.

It was for many years the only dwelling in the area. Mr Briggs created the Settlers House complex, and other investors joined him renovating the town’s hotels and commercial strip. Formerly York Motor Garage.

I even seriously considered suicide.Ray hooper, Tony Boyle, Pat Hooper, Brian Lawrance, Trevor Randel, Roy Scott and Mark Duperouzel, I hope one day you will come to realise the full extent of what you participated in. The killer isn't playing by the rules. The building has been substantially extended in recent times using traditional mud brick building materials. This Colonial period building constructed from 1850 features a cellar and original vineyard at rear running to the river. Classified by the National Trust Classified 15 Feb 1977, Classified by the National Trust Classified 05 Sep 1985. Constructed from 1950. York Depot Plan [Gibbs Fig.4 AHA p.63 from Acc 1067C MPG 722 WASRO]. Constructed from 1859. Single storey stone building with red brick dressings to openings and a corrugated iron roof.

Part of the original verandah has been enclosed for a bathroom and kitchen. Register of the National Estate Nominated 13 Mar 1992, Classified by the National Trust Classified {Lscpe} 03 Dec 1984, For other heritage locations in the Shire of York, see, List of heritage places in the Shire of York,,_Western_Australia&oldid=953153712, Heritage places in York, Western Australia, Lists of heritage places of Western Australia, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The barns date from c1840 and later have undergone much change. I'm not saying he did that, but if he did, that's a crime. Renovations to extend the property occurred approximately June 1999, to include its first bathroom, separate toilet and family room. Welcome to the York Online Hub. Perhaps it was bad luck for them that they didn't have friends in high places.Is any other person, councillor or council employee, alleged to have had fingers in the till? A front and back verandah was added (iron lace decorating the front). The front section c1890 has a passage between two rooms, symmetrical and simple face red brick on random stone footings with corrugated iron clad hipped roof and bull-nose dropped verandah with simple timber posts.

Our Ex CEO Ray Hooper probably wrote up his own contract and presented it to our inept Councillors to sign off on. the award-winning Residency Museum gives you a fantastic insight into the region's history. Monger had founded – a thriving and unified commercial centre.

A cottage with a very high pitched gable roof and a front verandah. I cannot believe we paid for 8 days holiday, plus flights, for 4 hours of conference. Architect, Temperance House, Jules, Elders Real Estate, Vacant Shop, Constructed from 1985. Most of the roof shingles are still in place under the corrugated iron and many convict marked bricks have been found. The high foundation steps to entrance from Avon Terrace. The original store was in the two south-east rooms, originally one large room with its own fireplace. Constructed from 1879. (PS & PL Higginson). Simple brick residence with corrugated iron hipped roof and verandah. We are the home of the "Never Never Tours" Valiant ute used in the movie "Crocodile Dundee" and signed by Paul Hogan on the dashboard, and Rosco McGlashan's 253 mph/407 kph rocket powered drag kart and the oldest Australian Six car built in 1919 without a chassis number in the first factory at Rushcutters Bay. Painted Flemish bond brick cottage with a bull nose verandah. Better yet, when ratepayers ask questions, instead of taking offence and assuming we are asking "for the sport of it" you listen, learn and investigate. Hillside Farmhouse & Hartleap Farmhouse Group. Most original features intact, including roof and fireplaces. Not good enough in my book. The Wagon Yards and Horse Stalls have particular social value as they were the subject of community action in 1980 to ensure their conservation. Architect, Constructed from 1887. The building has a characteristic high pitched corrugated iron roof, decorative verandah at the front, decorated gable and window canopy. Register of the National Estate Permanent 21 Mar 1978. The block was subdivided from the larger block and in 1911 a large room of brick was built close to the adjoining house. Gable is half-timbered and verandah is brick with decorative timber posts and brackets above. Classified by the National Trust Classified 01 Nov 1976. Constructed from 1910. The house sits on a limestone plinth. Simple brick residence with corrugated iron hipped roof and front verandah. Simple brick residence with corrugated iron hipped roof and verandah. Again, if the audit committee at the time (the council) had been monitoring this expenditure I am sure they would have (or should have) asked if this was appropriate. (JD & LM Gargett). Constructed from 1890. Since the museum opened in 1979 it has attracted more than a million people to the Avon Valley town. YAM is the regimental museum of The Royal Dragoon Guards and The Yorkshire Regiment. Fmr Wesleyan Chapel. It was first occupied by John Kairey of the 84th Regiment. This page was last edited on 25 April 2020, at 23:37. Appears to have been altered/added to. The cottage is set amongst mature peppercorn trees and has a traditional picket fence. © 2015 by York Motor Museum. Built in 1858, this was one of York's original Pensioner Guards' cottages. Register of the National Estate Nominated 21 Mar 1978, Classified by the National Trust Classified 01 Apr 1985. A second house has been constructed at the rear of the site and is connected by a carport to the rear of the house. Constructed from 1870. Not holding my breath of course. St Patrick’s Catholic Church, Presbytery and Hall is a group of three ecclesiastical buildings and an outbuilding comprising Church Hall (Old Church, 1859), a single storey rendered brick and iron building, in the vernacular with influences of Victorian Gothic style; St Patrick’s Church (1875+), a double volume stone and slate building with four level tower, in the Victorian Academic Gothic style; and, the Presbytery (1877; 1894), a single storey stone and corrugated iron dwelling with influences of Victorian Rustic Gothic style.
York Hotel, Palace Hotel (fmr) Constructed from 1909. The ruins of the building remain. Indeed, when the museum was founded archaeology was considered a branch of science. One of only a small number of farmhouses remaining with the original period of settlement. Can someone please tell me why the minister has concluded everything from the 15th of April 2014 is illegal and everything before that date is considered legal. TOLDUSO, You haven't got your facts right, Mr Hooper had full authority to use his credit, if he chooses to buy garden accessories with his credit card, that's his business. Symmetrical form. The original building was a two roomed rammed earth cottage. Original Victorian Georgian possibly with later addition. (EM Barrett). The bakehouse, covered well and outbuilding stand apart to the rear of the house. It is a reminder of pioneer settlement along the Avon River in the mid 1840s. Constructed from 1870. Sandwiched between two dissimilar buildings – thus forming a stop or pause in the streetscape. Ceiling work was done by a Mr Prunster from Austria. Farmhouse on bank of Bland Creek. Register of the National Estate Permanent 24 Sep 2002. Now you have got me most upset, TOLDUSO. Constructed from 1900. The lawful Resolution of Council seems to have been (unlawfully) ignored !Doesn't stop someone else taking a trip to an appropriately empowered investigatory body (under Section 25 1(a) of the CCC (Corruption and Crime Commission Act 2003)If so, what action, if any, has been taken by either investigating body?

The York Motor Museum is open daily from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Enter your email address to sign up to the York Museums Trust newsletter. Share. Originally a farmhouse, it was later used as a guesthouse.

It was consecrated in 1858. Constructed from 1880. Fill in our survey here! Register of the National Estate Registered 21 Feb 1978. A small hipped roofed cottage with a verandah located close to the road verge. Constructed from 1860. Are you competent to manage our money and can you be transparent? In recent years, the York Festival of Motoring created by Peter Harbin has been a great success. Well maintained building. Constructed from 1885. The building is set within the grounds of a market garden operated by Chinese gardeners.

A place of community, where lifestyle choices are important and where community matters. The building may also have been used as a coaching house or small hotel.
Constructed from 1900. Is some kind of cover-up at work here, and if so, why and for whose benefit? Hey that is good news Tolduso - thanks for letting the people know. Alterations appear to have been undertaken. It probably wouldn’t be allowed today, but the museum was constructed over the remains of some of the Abbey buildings. Proudly created with, The community owned MOTOR MUSEUM, YORK, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, © 2015 by York Motor Museum. Make's me cringe. 4 Wheeler Street was Mr Wheeler’s residence. Our Collections. The builder was a pensioner guard, Stephen Hogan. The first keeper was the famous geologist John Phillips. It considers and rules on decisions and actions of Shires and others, so why should the DLG be exempt.May be an avenue to get some action without huge legal costs. Constructed from 1860. The place has a wrap-around verandah with decorative timber posts and valance. Including Monger's Store, Old Bakery, Sandalwood Yard and Wagon Yard and Horse Stalls. Last night he read 'War and Peace' in 20 seconds. Imperial Hotel, York is a two-storey stone and iron hotel premise, with outbuildings, consisting of the former Stables and Second-class Lodgers Accommodation, constructed in 1886. Shop and Garage, constructed from 1850.

Historic evidence suggests that the cellar was once used for curing meats. I'll leave that for your investigators to discover.To make it clear, I am not and never have been a resident of York. Butcher's Shop Cottage, constructed from 1863. If he was using his own personal credit card, one he pays for, good luck to him. Constructed from 1860. If he's going to offer a supportive or even balanced answer he will have to read (have his people read) the rebuttal from Matthew which is located in the current ceo Graham Simpson's office.

Construction began in November 1854. One of the most substantial private buildings in York.

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