Hypertrophy of the deltoids may act as an armored casing around the shoulder cavity. I'll be posting weekly updates to my Youtube Account (so go and subscribe!) Though I detest squatting in general, I find myself curiously fantasizing about being under the weight of a bar instead of hovering all jelly-legged. Given Ryan Flaherty’s reputation as one of the most tech-savvy trainers at the highest level of professional sports—a soft-spoken metrics whiz who once pocketed $2,000 off Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel for correctly predicting the quarterback’s 40-yard dash time down to a tenth of a second—I expected to see a much cooler gym setup from him.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'mensjournal_com-under_first_paragraph','ezslot_10',159,'0','0'])); After all, when the owner of Prolific Athletes, based in Carlsbad, CA, isn’t training the NCAA’s top football prospects for the NFL combine—the league’s yearly predraft data fest measuring all things strength, speed, jumping, and agility—Flaherty is drawing up quant-based workout programs for tennis superstar Serena Williams, Bayern Munich midfielder Mario Götze (who scored the deciding goal for Germany in the 2014 World Cup final), USA Rugby speedster Carlin Isles, and countless Major League Baseball players and USA Track & Field Olympic athletes.

Get stronger and we become faster – it’s as simple as that. Here are his three favorite moves: Place 6-inch, 12-inch and 18-inch plyo boxes in a row. But no, I’m in the right place. It's a little closer to my reach than a 3.2x body-weight lift, and it's a nice round number. To explain, he shows me a series of slides on his computer illustrating the study data: The athletes, marked A through H, are ranked first by peak ground force generated, then by body weight, then again by the relationship between the two. As many athletes have overdeveloped their chest and anterior deltoids, adding muscle mass of various portions of our posterior chain is essential.

Here's how to perform it: There are a few benefits to this variation of the Deadlift compared to the conventional version: Flaherty recommends performing the Concentric Trap Bar Deadlift once per week in your off-season during a lower-body workout. From an injury prevention standpoint, mass becomes even more important. Don’t overdo it, unless you want to destroy your ability to recover after a session. “When I’m watching [the 40-yard dash at] the combine, the only thing I’m watching is this 11-yard line,” Flaherty says. Barry never expressed an opinion on the superiority of the trap bar or conventional bar. The protocols in this article have been used with great success by rugby players, football players, and combat athletes. Concentric-only trap bar deadlifts. “I just do what the man says.”, (Florida State linebacker Reggie Northrup.). Leap forward off your leg as far as possible by fully extending your hip, knee and ankle. Learn how improving your strength-to-weight ratio with the Deadlift will increase your speed on the field.

That's great. Remember, your goal is to build your strength-to-weight ratio, and it won't work if you're not supporting your goal with a complete training program and a balanced diet. So why do Olympic lifts?

It makes no sense to add more stress by forcing the joint to support hundreds of pounds of weight. VIDEO: Learn To Control Your Big Toe For Better Balance And Stability, VIDEO: Try This Shoulder Assessment Test Before You Start Training, VIDEO: Single Leg Glute Bridge Assessment And Progressions, VIDEO: Single Leg Glute Bridges For Hip Stability, VIDEO: How To Build Strength and Stability With RNT Split Squats, VIDEO: How To Progress Single Leg Training As You Get Stronger: Split Squats and Lunges. Perform the I, Y, T, L to strengthen your upper back and shoulders twice per week during upper-body or full-body workouts. The second, and more interesting reason I've set this particular goal, is that according to strength and speed coach Ryan Flaherty (you might have heard him on the Tim Ferris podcast), your trap bar deadlift divided by your bodyweight - something he calls your 'force number', is the most important aspect to your ability to develop speed. Regarding the number of reps and the fact that Barry was never specific on that in his book:  The question I always ask coaches is "how do you know or determine the right number of reps?"

I think that had more to do with a kind of "instinctive folly," where younger lifters wanted to mimic what the successful veterans were doing. The collision was violent, but Wilson suffered only a minor MCL sprain because he had the single-leg strength to absorb the hit and avoid a more severe injury.

“I can work 90% of skeletal muscle with just one exercise,” he says. I enter the weight room, where a portable speaker pumps Lil Wayne as compact halfbacks, wiry receivers, and massive nose tackles rotate between sets of heavy bench presses and pullups. Over the course of a race, that extra distance per stride compounds. Flaherty has found this to be the ideal lifting capacity for top end speed. If you cannot lift 2.2 times your bodyweight, you must reassess your program as soon as convenient.

But unlike that metaphysical force, Flaherty’s number actually exists.

Although they are very close to our center of mass, and although they are a crucial part of our stability, I often find that they are very receptive to heavy load. Flaherty points to Russell Wilson's knee injury in Week 3 of the 2016 NFL season as an example. After a quick break, Flaherty cycles me through five reps per leg of single-leg seated box jumps. Otherwise I can't pass this crucial mobility test that's essential to deadlifting safely. “It wasn’t correlating to the squat, it wasn’t correlating to the front squat, it wasn’t correlating to the power clean or the leg press either.”. However, that's not to say that technique is unimportant.

(According to Flaherty, the popular canon of complex bilateral movements, like squats and Olympic lifts, actually mask those little deficiencies, so it’s important to look for them.) "I see a lot of guys doing reaction drills and step with their front foot first," Flaherty explains. TRAP BAR. Personally, I believe that mass has its value. It is doubtful that bigger biceps will lead to an improvement in athletic performance. This will limit the micro-tearing of the skeletal muscle fibers, which are associated with the development of muscle mass, but as the season draws closer, this may also prevent injury in the weight room. You can’t exactly check it on a plane or buy it in bulk. When it comes to shoulder development, I believe that people look too much into overhead pressing.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, pull the bar into your back and tighten your core. Drop off the plyo boxes and land on the ground between the boxes with your hands in a push-up position and decelerate your body to the ground. Also, when you bench, your shoulders and shoulder blades get forced into a fixed position between the barbell and the bench, which can easily damage the joint if you're not careful.

Squats and Deadlifts (see above) target the glutes, the most powerful muscle group in the hips. Lie with your stomach on the ground and hands flat on the ground next to your chest as if performing a Push-Up. Now that I know my number and I’ve finished my hex-bar session, Flaherty leads me to the other main component of his workout: the fine-tuning. Build the muscles of your upper back, which add support to your shoulders, by doing pulling and rowing exercises such as Pull-Ups and Single-Arm Rows. If you can press overhead without losing the positioning of the spine, practicing overhead movements is important for maintaining mobility. The rest between sets is way longer than I’d imagined it would be—four to five minutes—but Flaherty says it’s necessary for recovery when you’re working with weights this heavy.

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