Mannequins give the impression of changing perspectives, while Alter’s collection of lifestyle items and fashion are laid out across surfaces ready to be picked up. Inside, the space is built around a stunning central tunnel with individual rooms off to each side. With kids toys and clothes, fashion, homewares, a food hall and café, it sells a more grown up, but attractive lifestyle.
The large range of clothes is paired with furniture and artwork from notable names. Each new curator can also change the displays, but currently items are on platforms and shelves and under glass adding to the gallery feel. On its top floor Mouki Mou is like a modern art gallery with overhead strip lights and a selection of jewellery displayed in on-wall cabinets like works of art. Although you could class Avoca as a mini department store, the lifestyle feel also makes it a concept store. Despite the name, the store has just opened a third floor in the townhouse it occupies. However, it’s the Marylebone store that really nails the concept ideal. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already.

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In the basement is the Electric Cinema, where customers can watch the latest films from armchairs with side tables. The store that the term “concept store” was first coined for, 10 Corso Como describes itself as a “multifunctional space, a meeting place, union of culture and commerce”. The interior is a mish-mash of decadent and old-school cool, which perfectly fits the eclectic wares. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

Selling homewares, furniture, lighting, candles, stationery and more, there are a lot of bright colours and geometric shapes dominating both design and products. Intermingled in the space are various items for purchase from accessories to stationery.

REGISTER NOW! Derelict chic would be a good way to describe Voo’s aesthetic. Using transparent screens to divide the store in two, each half has its own entrance and design aesthetic. The rest of the store is in keeping with this simple, clean mood with plain, white walls helping show off the clothes, books, and objects for sale. Image credit: Frederik Vercruysse, The Goodhood Store. Some have been open longer than others, but beauty trumps novelty when it comes to these must visit concept stores.

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Everything in the store is considered a work of art by the owners, whether its art, beauty and grooming products, furniture, fashion or homeware. Part of the Soho House company, Barber & Parlour nails the essence of the concept store. All of the furniture in the space, which ranges from new to vintage, is also for sale, and again inspired by Scandinavian design. Read more.

The design is minimal, but effective in creating an almost tranquil shopping space. Better check the directions carefully if you want to visit Darklands. Each of the four floors sells womenswear, but is also home to a children’s area, bookshop, and shoe gallery.

SPA Future Thinking provide an extensive understanding of the retail environment for both retailers and manufacturers to evaluate shopper motivation, behaviour and customer experience across many different channels and categories. Tips for creating the perfect concept store BHD. The décor is neutral and brightly lit, putting the items for sale in the spotlight.

Currently in a giant hanger-like space, the carefully selected range of dark menswear is suspended from rails in front of white walls. Want even more concept stores? The Apartment is another store that looks like a home. Themes have included “Disrupt”, “Have Fun!” and “Feel Good!”. They can also book private appointments in the beautiful light-filled apartment to access the Line’s range of other shopping services in an exclusive setting. Learn more.

Opening Ceremony is a store of surprises. Evaluating the success of concept stores, both at an initial launch phase or even six months after launch, can help retailers understand what has worked and not worked.

A solid floor plan is the perfect balance of ultimate customer experience and maximized revenue per square foot. Clothing is hung from suspended rails, each lit by their own strip light, with accessories and other curated items dotted around the floor space. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. As well as Away’s own range, the shop carries a curated selection of products from each country.

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The upstairs is home to Couverture which lovingly pull together clothing, accessories, homewares, kids’ stuff and furniture. Inside it’s much more muted, with nude tones and low lighting.

The experience is added to through complimentary drinks and a bespoke sound set-up with daily playlists. It also offers exhibitions and events around different themes, whether that’s a designer or a trend, and original design built around that. As a result, each part of Dover Street Market is imaginative and unique in look and feel, often with the feel of an art installation.

Footwear, accessories, jewellery and homewares add to the dark theme.

The second is “you could call this home, but you do not have to the dishes”, which sums up the whole concept behind the space. The beauty comes from the careful refurbishment of the building, and selection of furniture, art and items that fit in with their surroundings. It looks small on the outside, but Couverture & The Garbstore is surprisingly spacious inside. The store also has a Blink spa and brow bar enabling customers to combine luxury treatments with their shopping. The world of retail is ever changing and evolving, becoming increasingly more complex and competitive.

On the ground floor is the store proper, complete with curated fashion and collectables.

Considered a rival to Colette and 10 Corso Cosmo, Fivestory is a young, but luxurious, retail space in New York.
The window displays are like looking into a cool, mismatched, vintage living room – a theme which carries over into the rest of the store. Keep a close eye on what your competitors are doing well (and badly!) Products are carefully displayed around the edges and centre, leaving plenty of room to move around. This Berlin concept stores uses an Oxford dictionary definition of soul – “the emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art” – as its core theme. Many retailers miss this point.

Limited edition, vintage and specially commissioned objects are all curated around a theme that changes every two years.

Digital purchase tools accessed via iPads can help consumers navigate complex purchases, such as technology. There is a useful site for you that will help you to write a perfect and valuable essay and so on. A black spiral staircase takes shoppers down into a space boasting a carefully curated selection of clothes, accessories and beauty products. The overall space has been designed by Comme des Garçons’ ReiKawakubo, but brands with designated space have been allowed their own design control. The store mixes vintage and contemporary, emerging brands and established names, limited editions and rare pieces with affordable items. A store that looks like an apartment, complete with bathroom, bedroom, living room, Chez Moi’s owner actually lives in the space.

Secret Location focuses on creativity and discovery.

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Seven Rooms is in fact one huge white brightly-lit space conceived as seven different areas. Your IP: Utilise the role of technology by creating spaces that maximise the virtual and physical environment. Although fashion dominates, the stores also sell homeware, accessories and other lifestyle luxuries. Check out our 2017 update for 50 more top concept stores. The space is heaving with products, but they’re all impeccably put together in a space that seems almost liveable. This Parisian store boasts three levels of some of the best in tech, fashion and art, with an aim of offering the latest and greatest, as well as the surprising. The store also has a resident florist, a library operated by iconic local bookseller The Strand, and a café run by Toby’s Estate Coffee. This informs the design of the space, as well as what’s on sale and the events held that month. 7 Tips for creating the perfect concept store The world of retail is ever changing and evolving, becoming increasingly more complex and competitive.

Furniture, gifts, bathroom and kitchen items, lighting, home accessories and children’s products are all displayed in the same simple, but desirable fashion. SUPER employs the concept “Enjoy the space and shop what you see!” A mix of retail and restaurant, supposedly everything in SUPER is for sale.

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