Nadia Jan 23 2020 12:41 pm I am so exciteddd the plot is so superb all character is my fav definitely I watched Lee Jan 08 2020 12:20 pm don't let the title or the synopsis fool you. (of course he is so wrong in this, he is more at fault and i'm waiting for him to acknowledge this and be brave enough to apologize) .

Nelli Jun 22 2020 10:09 pm

What a wonderful cast of people . Not only is the single mom of the boy wants the lead actor Kyu-Jin character, he is open to the catch. The drama getting boring day by day. Lee Min Jung, Lee Yang Seob and everyone could return as their original roles but be in their parents’ places! This drama is really good. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); I love lee min jung and lee sang yeob... Their visuals are are so fabulous!!! But actually, it has a really simple plot so there's no need. I tried watching family drama s before, bit I get bored easily, so i dropped most of them after few episodes.

Everyone is so good to her and I’m glad.

Fighting! I'm gonna try watching this drama....I have survived more than hundred episode drama previously. There are problems and misunderstandings and things are not perfect but we stay there for each other. She deserves to move past the heartbreak and disappointment associated with her marriage to Kyu-Jin. Don’t break my heart and keep the siblings apart. The wife of Guo Bin, mother of Qian Jin and Xin Ran and daughter-in-law of Meng Li Jun.

3 more months to go, I am so so excited everyweek! Regarding his relationship with his mom, I don’t really blame him, but instead the director. Hi can someone give me the name of the ending theme song of Once Again?

I love the line up. although i feel like hyo shins acting is bringing down the gahee-hyoshin couple down a little, i still feel they are cute.

The actress is Jo Mi Ryung playing the con artist. It’s making me very curious as to how it will all work out for the main couple. Naul(나얼) of Brown Eyed Soul) is the ending theme.... hahah. It was good and each sub-character is nice to watch. I do think there’s something wrong with a guy gyu jin after reading all the comments and see it from other perspective.

I love the warm relationship & friendly banters between members of the family. @Mel, fair enough. Definately hate their unemployed loser brother & shopholic sister. it is like the experience of two real people. LSY should appear in more dramas, he's such a handsome man.

They should shoot the series and then air it. There's another 42 episodes to go .

I also don’t understand how her busy grandparents and aunt who watch the little girl while working don’t lose her but the sister and dad manage to.

Since from beginning. :(, Gyujin-team Jul 06 2020 4:59 am Their own mom is a major problem n head ache ..for the girls. they both blamed each other and started picking on each other because of their supressed feelings which led to their misery.

Do people die after contracting a fever in a matter of hours in Korea? Then a few years back, still the same but they split an episode into 2 which made them into having 100 episodes. They had such amazing chemistry and the most mature relationship of them all! Gyujin-team Jun 21 2020 10:10 am

I more like better Yang ci soo together with ms.Kang. I really enjoyed Nahee-Kyujin, Dahee-Jaeseok, Gahee-Hyoshin moments!

Just sour faced all the time. They have many chance to stumple upon each other but of course it will only happen by episode 100 I guess ? It was like they were both trapped in there old way of reacting to one another, so even though they both knew better, they couldn’t help it. Best drama until the fake sister arrived.

I like the part where Yoo jae-sook was trying to clear his heart when he found out he likes Da-hee. Jo Han-chul as Jo Won-chul — Loan shark that harasses Yeon-hong for her debts. What's the name of the song that comes on at ending credits? It is just so good. I'll start with episode 1 now!

Understanding the Single mom intentions, but she has cross the line "what happen to his ex-food that was left on the door with a note." However, she had no opportunity to be a singer. Gern Jun 28 2020 7:16 pm CKW Aug 14 2020 4:50 am Rubirubi Jul 11 2020 7:15 am Lol, Just wanna say that I love all the characters. Stay Tuned Us To Watch All Ktv Shows without any premium charges. Hoping that Gyujin and Nahee will be like that soon. //

I super love this series! Doug Aug 11 2020 3:59 am Losing his job would be losing his family all over again as well. I think he's realized that he made mistakes but Na-Hee seems genuinely happy with the director and like she's moving on. => so my conclusion is that it is really has a deeper insight to it than him simply not cherishing or approving of her attitude throughout ALL THE MARRIAGE as many are saying. © It was her coldness and lack of understanding. I felt all that, 'sif I was them hahaha. And Daddy-O will find his sister - that's one journey I'm looking forward to. And i like how doctor yoon love like treat Song D Hae.

This drama is getting so good but so underrated among non-netizens -_-.

Mr and Mrs Drs double standard where single needs a gullible husband. He’s got a past but we don’t know what it is yet. cath Jul 20 2020 12:33 am Why would she come back to being miserable just because he asked? Where’s his family? Maybe it is the directing or the writing but the story leaves a hollow feeling. Once Again. Baek Ji-won as Jang Ok-ja — Ok-boon's spinster younger sister.

At first, I'm ignoring gyu-jin's first love altho she's a bit irritating.

Blunt Mar 30 2020 5:28 am I just cant wait to see how ML get so jealous towards the acting director..? But still, Gyu Jin also at fault for not wanting to mend his relationship with his mom at first place. I love that hug of them. Dramawatcher Aug 03 2020 5:40 am

But go to work if you have signs of a heart attack or cancer? Ruby Sep 18 2020 5:07 am

Well, I guess except for the two market ladies who kept stirring trouble (rumormongers are the worst lol) and Gyu Jin's first love (BUT only after the porridge incident. the storyline is just smooth and not too rushing. but in this drama there only 2 main families that being focused on. Good dramas are built when the are multiple strong relationships, and not just the romantic kind.

| Privacy Policy | Contact,, "Once Again" takes over KBS2's Saturday & Sunday 19:55 time slot previously occupied by ". Aya Jul 14 2020 3:25 am

Just another family drama about a scary evil mother in law. Chen Chen Jun 22 2020 2:54 am After this 5 ep. I know that gyu jin and na hee will still end up in the end.

When it comes to her children’s souses, she has no concept of anyone else’s feelings but her own or how destructive her behavior is.

AIDA Apr 12 2020 11:26 am It was released on January 8, 2015. Tbh, the casting attracted me to the drama. In the end, when he met with a car accident only his grandmother matched his blood type.

I've been very patient, but now can't stand the draggy plot anymore.. Gyu Jin - Na Hee / Young Dal - Cho Yeon will probably get back together / find each other in ep 49. Array();

There are many scenes that very interesting and realistic.

Just like Jae Sook relationship with his mom. My heart flutters whenever na hee is with gyu jin and when she's with jung reok. I don't know, maybe because the characters and situations are relatable and realistic?

Ira Sep 14 2020 8:45 pm W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Stay Tuned Us To Watch All Ktv Shows without any premium charges. I cried a lot to see how they were really want to convinced their parent to received them.

one of the first longer dramas that i’ve enjoyed so much, it’s so good!!! The actors were all very enjoyable and great at their roles..they are very good-looking too. The casts are great. Ebby May 16 2020 6:59 am

Hopefully Nahee will becomes more sensitive towards him. Am I the only one shipping Na-Hee with Director Jung Reok?

All he does is whine. Although now she is gone..So yeaps let's cherish our parents more. am I the only one who found hyosin and seoyoung cute togetber??? Lol. Oh well... I’ll see if I can find something else that I love as much? She has not been away from the industry for a while. And sang yeob is very handsome.. Rubirubi Jul 11 2020 7:12 am Can't choose. watch yoon jaesok and song da hee! Terrible work culture don’t remind viewers in countries with labor laws.

Ben Aug 17 2020 9:57 pm He develops feelings with Li Jun after working with her band. I only see a few options for him now: suffer through the pain he knows is coming as he watches another man become more and more intimate with the woman he loves, or get out of that situation by changing jobs. As the name of the drama once again I know it implies to our Doctor couples. I'm waiting for his character to grow and be brave enough to apologise about the miscarriage, that would be a turning point for them. Welp — background music Jun 03 2020 11:50 am

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