He was king of Lacedaemon, and married to the beautiful Helen, by whom he was the father of Hermione, and of Megapenthesby a bondswoman.1When his wife Helen had been carried off by Paris, Menelaus and Odysseusset out to Troy to claim her back. The perfect Knight before the perfect Queen. Menelaus is fond of Megapenthes and Nicostratus, his sons by slave women. According to the Iliad, Menelaus was a central figure in the Trojan War, leading the Spartan contingent of the Greek army, under his elder brother Agamemnon, king of Mycenae. He flung the sword away. Assisted by King Tyndareus of Sparta, they drove Thyestes away, and Agamemnon took the throne for himself. According to legend, in return for awarding her a golden apple inscribed "to the fairest," Aphrodite promised Paris the most beautiful woman in all the world. However, Athena never intended for Menelaus to die and she protects him from the arrow of Pandarus. To Priam’s palace, sword in hand, to sate, On that adulterous whore a ten years’ hate. And kissed her feet, and knelt before her there. Child on legitimate child, becomes a scold, Waxed garrulous, and sacked a hundred Troys, ’Twixt noon and supper. When the king of Sparta died, Menelaus became the new king of Sparta. Most offered opulent gifts. Tyndareus would accept none of the gifts, nor would he send any of the suitors away for fear of offending them and giving grounds for a quarrel. Menelaus appears as a character in a number of 5th-century Greek tragedies: Sophocles’ Ajax, and Euripides’ Andromache, Helen, Orestes, Iphigenia at Aulis, and The Trojan Women. 1916. There are four versions of Menelaus’ and Helen’s reunion on the night of the sack of Troy: Book 4 of the Odyssey provides an account of Menelaus’ return from Troy and his homelife in Sparta. Menelaus and Helen. As a result, Atreus’ sons, Menelaus and Agamemnon, went into exile. Through red death, and smoke. Raging at her infidelity, he raised his sword to kill her, but as he saw her weeping at his feet, begging for her life, Menelaus' wrath instantly left him. The suitor who won was Menelaus (Tyndareus, not to displease the mighty Agamemnon offered him another of his daughters, Clytaemnestra). Helen was the daughter of the old king of Sparta. His parents were Atreus and Aerope, while his brother was Agamemnon who ruled over the city of Mycenae. Got shrill as he grew deafer. Later, in Book 17, Homer gives Menelaus an extended aristeia as the hero retrieves the corpse of Patroclus from the battlefield. Not long afterwards, Menelaus welcomed Paris, the youngest son of the king of Troy, into his house as a guest. Menelaus soundly beats Paris, but before he can kill him and claim victory, Aphrodite spirits Paris away inside the walls of Troy. They trapped Proteus and forced him to reveal how to make the voyage home. Odysseus promised to solve the problem in a satisfactory manner if Tyndareus would support him in his courting of Tyndareus’s niece Penelope, the daughter of Icarius. In Book 4, while the Greeks and Trojans squabble over the duel’s winner, Athena inspires the Trojan Pandarus to shoot Menelaus with his bow and arrow. As happened to many Greeks, Menelaus' homebound fleet was blown by storms to Crete and Egypt where they were becalmed, unable to sail away. And both were old.
He took pity on her and decided to take her back as his wife. According to Euripides’ Helen, Menelaus is reunited with Helen after death, on the Isle of the Blessed.

[1] According to these sources, Menelaus' father, Atreus, had been feuding with his brother Thyestes over the throne of Mycenae. My title Greek Legends and Myths That journey home, the long connubial years?

Luxurious bower, flaming like a god. Menelaus sought out Helen in the conquered city. See an analysis of the poem by Gumpert, Grafting Helen, 92, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Menelaus&oldid=964590274, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Her dry shanks twitch at Paris’ mumbled name. 16. And that her neck curved down in such a way; And he felt tired. In Book 3, Menelaus challenges Paris to a duel for Helen’s return. Prominent in both the Iliad and Odyssey, Menelaus was also popular in Greek vase painting and Greek tragedy, the latter more as a hero of the Trojan War than as a member of the doomed House of Atreus. star Top subjects are Literature, Science, and History Menelaus tells Telemachus about hiding in the horse with the bravest of the Argives and Odysseus. 18. [2] The rest of the suitors swore their oaths, and Helen and Menelaus were married, Menelaus becoming a ruler of Sparta with Helen after Tyndareus and Leda abdicated the thrones.
He does not tell you how white Helen bears. Till the still innermost chamber fronted him. The swan gained her affection, and the two mated. Among the contenders were Odysseus, Menestheus, Ajax the Great, Patroclus, and Idomeneus. He was one of the main characters involved in the Trojan War. Helen’s father made everyone swear to support Menelaus’ right to Helen. Their supposed palace (ἀνάκτορον) has been discovered (the excavations started in 1926 and continued until 1995) in Pellana, Laconia, to the north-west of modern (and classical) Sparta.

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