Won’t they all be? There is absolutely no way that I will buy that he is doing this for his family or for his health or even because it happened to the Marlins because that was over two weeks ago as well. The first domino of the 2019 trade deadline may have just fallen. How are you sure he was misleading anyone? You shouldn’t need anyone to answer that question with all these posts. That’s his absolute right. Bad news and Mets pretty much go together like peanut butter and jelly.

You should answer what is right and wrong since integrity is a dying trait that you are obviously not afflicted with but so many others are. So basically if Stroman was pitching for the Yankees he never would of never opted out because those games actually matter. To take it a step further, coming back from the IL and struggling due to the injury would hurt his free agent stock as well. Even if it is true that the Jays did that, why should the Mets be punished for it? And The Cubs jammed Bryant. They are all top 10 in offensive production for their positions. The team was able to acquire a major boost to their future staff in exchange for just 11 starts from their former star. When you’re to worst hitter on your lineup are gimenez and Rosario. The Twitter bitching is a bit rich tho. If he declines, I predict he will remain a free agent until June just like Keuchel in 2019. Let ur body heal.. he’s prob not hurting for money ? Did Mark and Co. actually move a trade chip at the perfect time.

Chances are you’re right, but then again it’s the MLB draft, star players get drafted after the second round just about every year. If Mets wanted his services then pay the man so he is financially secure. This should seal Brodie’s fate with eventual new owner. It’s not Stroman’s problem that he got traded to a team that didn’t manipulate his service time. But he knew he would traveling to places that were hot spots like Miami BEFORE the season began. Mets just finished with th Marlins, he’s a free agent after this season and is just looking for a big contract.

The Mets should file a grievance for his service time.

You want to be the BEST first baseman, not the 10th best…, his market this offseason is going to be odd. What changed? Not go in to last long.

Can players who opt out get a qualifying offer? picks aren’t as high as they were a few years ago (Used to be around 26-35th) but you can still hit in the 70-80 range. He already had that right. Minter In Game 5 Of NLCS, Blue Jays Notes: Bichette, Shoemaker, Vlad, How To Set Up Notifications For Breaking News. He only needed 9 days. I read through all these comments hoping someone had said what I was thinking. The season is running out on him. If he was all good to go today, he’s basically about a month away which gives him basically 2 weeks of season left. I wonder if some of these players who are opting out also have grievances against the MLB for not supporting backwards MLB enough. Just like signing Travis Shaw. With the Blue Jays a distant fourth in the American League East division, Stroman was seen as one of the most likely candidates to be dealt before the July 31 deadline.

Stroman lied to the Mets fans by acting like he was going to contribute. Atkins still should have had one of his assistant GM’s call the Twins. Kay has looked impressive in three major league appearances this season, posting a 1.13 ERA over eight innings pitched out of the bullpen.

As a Mets fan I think he really jammed over the team.

Good for him. Mets stink and he’s been hurt.

They turned down the Cards offer for Donaldson.

It also allowed the Mets to assemble one the best three-headed pitching units in recent memory. That means he’ll still qualify for free agency. Stroman’s 1.5 years ended up being just 11 starts but nobody saw this pandemic coming.

Integrity is a dying trait among people. Does playing mediator make you “right” or something? You’re making an assumption. I’m a Jays fan, and Stroman was brought up sooner than expected at that time. I said this weeks ago; he’d rather go 2-0 with a 1 ERA in the World Series and lose, than go 0-2 with a 5+ ERA and win the World Series. Just saying it is disengenuous to portray it one way when it is just gaming the system like the Salsa dancer who can’t catch up with a fastball and wants a clean shot at a new contract. They could tender a QO and receive a draft pick or he might accept and you have him for another year. Just cut your losses and let him go. If he did everything by the books the other side is SOL. New York Mets have a pair of early Rookie of the Year candidates, Mets: Andres Gimenez doing the things we wanted from Amed Rosario, Mets Top 5 Strangest Stories from Flushing, re-signing him to a longer-term deal in the offseason, Mets: Three former players who deserved more playing time, Report: Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Louis Riddick to Make Up ESPN's New MNF Booth, Mets speedster Roger Cedeno had an unexpectedly awesome 1999 season, New York Mets: A tribute to the recently retired Jose Reyes, New York Mets: Three past players known for one particular game, Top 25 Super Bowl Performances of All Time, Each NHL Team's Most Likely Future Hall of Famer, 30 Greatest Teams in Premier League History, 28 most memorable buzzer beaters in March Madness history. I’m not a fan. Also, how do you think it would look to potential free agents or draftees the Mets are trying to sign if they filed a grievance over this? Adding him cost two promising young starters: Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson. He Needed to accrue some time on the major league roster in order to become a FA so as soon as he got it WHILE ON THE IL – he opts out..

They’ve had some awful luck with the timing of moving key players.

Not fine with him misleading fans. And Stroman’s opt-out means there is a real likelihood that he trade netted the Mets 11 games and a missed postseason. Not close to contending with that pitching, defense, and lack of organizational depth. Did he qualify for service time for Free Agency already?

They also further killed their organizational depth. I do agree about the grievance. If he doesn’t, they get a draft pick. But once you make a commitment, it should stick. Guess I’m just a cynic. I’m also not blaming him, if I was him I would have filed a grievance against the Blue Jays years ago and may have opted out the same way he did this season. All that is now gone but can’t put this one of the guy. Big difference. I’m not overrating their offense at all.

I’m hoping the Angels sign him this off season.

You overrate the Mets’ offense. We simply don’t know, and shouldn’t blame the Jays FO on this. Richardson is a leaguewide top 100 prospect. Want your voice heard?

He’s probably been watching pitchers getting blown up because they didnt have the prep time they normally get and doesn’t want the same thing to happen. I can be objective.

Now that Marcus Stroman is done pitching on his current contract as a member of the New York Mets, we can look back at how the trade that brought him to … So maybe he wasn’t the biggest problem. Your privacy is safe with us.

However, I feel that the Mets would have a case to get him next year. Stroman finished AA in 2013 and made 7 starts in 2014 before getting the call.

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