lover Sep 25 2015 7:06 pm very like see your acting oenni... jean Jun 28 2013 4:59 am Hope that they will make a part two of the drama "My Princess".. Janelle Apr 28 2014 7:00 pm You can not marry him . Beautiful, smart, great personality, and with great values. Nevertheless, her acting ability drew frequent criticisms from critics and the public. Pupay Apr 19 2020 10:17 pm Sylvia Casarez May 16 2018 5:18 pm i love you so so so so so much, highkick Sep 14 2015 7:23 am

This marriage is a big mistake . Many thanks to the director as well for the the well arranged scenes and story. You're the only K Actress who's so perfect w/o make up!! .your really pretty..hope to see a new drama of you and song seung heon..your such an awesome couple..perfect yeah. Hope to see you soon in another drama. amber33 Oct 09 2015 8:06 pm

Teddy Jan 13 2011 9:00 am

love tae hee Aug 01 2014 2:13 am Let's see... Hyun Bin? cheers, emma. More dramas or movies to come, Norik Baboorian , C Mar 30 2020 5:47 am You both compliment each other. She had already appeared in 12 TV dramas and 6 films and 5 music video. Top Excellence Actress twice, wow!

I tumble on Korean series while I am holidaying and I am very impressed with you two's acting and will definitely follow you two's work. Kim Tae-hee and Rain married on January 19, 2017.

Plzz...!! I love Kim Tae-Hee Because She's very Beautiful in her Tv drama My Princess Love it so much, livie Apr 01 2011 12:57 am Janelle Apr 28 2014 6:53 pm mine Sep 21 2014 12:20 pm Many of us want her to conquer! Have you seen her 과거 사진들? Born as Kim Hyung-soo, he began his career in entertainment after starring in a music video alongside older sister, actress Kim Tae-hee. She is often involved in various charities to help out underserved youths and broken families in the Ulsan area. Unni,i love you and everything about you, your beauty,your figure,smartness,all your dramas e.t.c i really enjoy watching ur drama's,they always keep me busy,i've rewatched each one i have uncountable times,now i've gotten bored watching them. boooo Nov 26 2017 9:16 am

You're chemistry with YAI was perfect. Camille Apr 19 2011 4:37 am I was so much fascinated by Soo In Lee charm. I was able to watch this more than 10 times gaining different revelations. It’s nice to hear that My fav actor is getting married. Directors!! Ive liked you since i first saw you in love story in harvard, i was a teenager by that time, ive become your avid fan since then and having a girlfriend like you as my fantacy. Take care of yourself, Kim Tae Hee. I like the way you act on the screen. hee. Her father is Kim Yoo Moon, chairman of Hankook Union Transportation Company in 1984. Fans will be dizzy if who're they going to stare at! It's an intense drama but it has its romance. Kim tae hee we all love the way u acted in iris 1 we will lyk to watch season 3 of iris1, Pnay Oct 09 2015 8:53 pm Please Please Please do not marry him .

I wish you both to have the best and bright life. ur so beautiful. I hope to see a new dramas of you and wish you the greatest success in your pretty life. Plus she is very beautiful. My fave is LSIH. you're so beautiful and so wonderful!!! You are so beautiful and talented ! This is what drew her to the part of Lee-Sul in "My Princess. //, //

M always happy when see ur smile :) Rianti Sep 12 2011 10:17 am

I think the best way to describe her acting would be; charismatic princess.

Congratulations. you're back in the limelight and you truly deserve it! Saranghae and fighting! Very inspiring! Love your acting even if they say you're not the best. I hope it would be with Hyun Bin or Won Bin.

i love you Kim Tae Hee i watch all your kdrama & Kmovie, now im waiting for your new kdrama Jang ok jung. I really want to see her again in a small screen this year. Education: Samshin Elementary School, Daehyun Middle School, Ulsan Girls’ High School, and Seoul National University (B.A. The way we have been shown how much they loved each other it doesn't make sense that the king would have her killed. Love this unni..❤ haters just hate but we love thee. Take care and always be happy. perfect..^_^, sha Apr 21 2011 10:41 am Kim Tae Hee and Rain  married On January 19, 2017.

[3], Kim Tae-Hee then entered Seoul National University, often mentioned as South Korea's most prestigious and most difficult to enter university, to major in fashion design. QuinnYumie again here, searching and supporting everything involving you! You have done such an incredible job of bringing alive all the emotions of this character and thus bringing the audience with you into her life. i was so much inspired in love story in harvard! IRIS the movie probably I watch it 50 times because of the Kim Tae Hee. She got the inner corner of her eyes cut and her nose was done slightly. Actor Yang Dong-Kun was then selected as his replacement. I'm a proud fan of her too, since JOJLIL. i miss you, icha Mar 12 2013 10:23 am Kim Tae Hee is not only the most beautiful girl but also classic and elegant !!! :) you are the best actress for me.

Thank GOD for her ;). You look cute together though. (like "My Princess") .. Netizen should realise that Kim Tae Hee's acting is way better than the majority of idols actors and some actors as well. Nothing major, but look at her childhood pics with her pics as of now. Why someone questioning about her ability?

chie Apr 08 2011 7:54 am Take care of yourself. really like to watch u in my princess..u look really childish n cute! J Sep 08 2015 12:22 pm You are the the really Goddes for me. In 2001, She made his acting debut South Korean film ‘Last Present.’. Fighting!!

[5], Kim Tae-Hee would then make her acting debut in the 2001 film "Last Present". I miss her and I love her acting so much. nana Sep 29 2015 10:34 pm Thanks..... Dynes May 26 2020 3:42 pm Wishing you only the best.

Keep up the good work coz you were so good in Yong pal.

I hope KTH will have her next drama soon.

no doubt she's beautiful and intelligent her acting is good but i dont think a protagist role suit her best...she is a able to express her full acting prowess when she act as a villain and its very effective and makes you mad to the point that you what to curse her...please i want to see her in a protagist-antagonist role just like a mexican drama( ruby )if im not will really exude her beauty and tae hee iloveyou! You are so pretty.. Eonni, daebak on your awesome performance in Yong Pal. Lover Dec 31 2015 11:34 am radny nathan Jul 31 2014 4:16 pm window.W4GRB = new Object(); @kdramafan & P, im so happy we shared same thoughts for kim tae hee.. it feels great when people show her love than hate. By 2008, Kim Tae-Hee took a one year break from acting. Each episode puts you on a cliffhanger. I will always support you! Jam Oct 05 2015 5:58 pm she's incredibly beautiful and I heard that she's smart as well, but I really don't think she's that talented. adewale tajudeen Mar 12 2016 5:12 pm Ive felt a bit heart broken since i hear about you going to be married with rain, im not a fan of him though.

Best of luck in all you do. Kim Tae Hee, I am enjoying your fantastic portrayal of Jang Ok Jung. annenicole Jan 19 2017 3:42 am Their live scenes were VERY VERY believable. daniel Nov 24 2013 6:25 am she became my favorite korean actress ever !!! She has one daughter. merely the fact she well played her role.

i'm soooo in love with her since that evil Yuri in stairway to heaven then Love story in Harvard. I miss seeing you onscreen, pls do act a new drama that is really cheerfu not quiet, a really happy drama. Hope to see u in a drama this 2016 . Great actors were selected to play the right part. 5 Girl Groups Who Paved the Way For BLACKPINK. Love her so much! And your being religious, tops it all. happy 32rd birthday anniversary - live long, live strong and live happy.... Mutan Feb 23 2012 9:53 pm Ooh BEST COUPLE award too. Kim tae hee is the reason why i <3 korean dramas ^_^, Trish Mai Jan 17 2014 12:39 am I'm looking forward for your new drama. I know everyone thinks she's a natural beauty and she is quite pretty actually, but she got some work done. I don't know what to say.

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