Astronomie. Oft wird er von dem ihm heiligen Adler begleitet. In fact the legend presents a heroine, Tutela, who is a slightly disguised representation of the goddess: the request of the Latin dictator would mask an attempted evocatio of the tutelary goddess of Rome. Leda erscheint er als Schwan, Europa als Stier, Danae als goldener Regen, der Antiope als Satyr, Hera als Kuckuck und der Kallisto als Artemis. What grievance made the queen of heaven so harry a man renowned for piety … such a cycle of calamity? also Virgil's and Ovid's ascribing of analogous actions, if opposite in aim, to the two gods in the wars of Aeneas (Vergil. She guides the baby into the light. P. Drossart "Nonae caprotinae: la fausse capture des Aurores" in, A description of Juno Sespeis's attire is given in Cicero, E. Bickel "Beiträge zur Römische Religionsgeshichte. [151] Renard's theory has been rejected by G. Capdeville as not being in accord with the level of sovereign gods in Dumézil's trifunctional structure. Somit war Juno auch die Königin der Göttinnen. [81][82], Gagé and D'Albret remark an accentuation of the matronal aspect of Juno Regina that led her to be the most matronal of the Roman goddesses by the time of the end of the republic. Juno Lucina – In this aspect Juno is the patron of childbirth and pregnant women. He agrees with Dumézil that we[who?] [64] Palmer too sees in her a military aspect.[65]. [163] However Bayet recognized the quality of mother and of fertility deity as being primitive among the three purported by the epithets of the Juno of Lanuvium (Seispes, Mater, Regina).
Praeneste preserved divine filiation and infancy as the sovereign god and his paredra Juno have a mother who is the primordial goddess Fortuna Primigenia.
G. Radke above article Februa, Februata for the different forms of the epithet.

Cf. Perhaps the Romans were not completely satisfied with this solution as in 194 BC consul C. Cornelius Cethegus erected a temple to the Juno Sospita of Lanuvium in the Forum Holitorium (vowed three years earlier in a war with the Galli Insubri):[116]); in it the goddess was honoured in military garb. [185][186], According to one interpretation of the Di Penates, Juno, along with Jupiter and Minerva, is one of the Penates of man. Modern scholars have proposed the town of Currium or Curria, Quirinus, *quir(i)s or *quiru, the Sabine word for spear and curia. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization. Später ging auch die Juno-Verehrung in die Verheerung der Jungfrau Maria über. On February 15 the Lupercalia festival was held, in which Juno was involved as Juno Lucina. The feria of the goddess coincides with a Natalis Herculis, birthday of Hercules, which was celebrated with ludi circenses, games in the circus. Octavianus will repeat the same translation with the statue of the Juno of Perusia in consequence of a dream[78], That a goddess evoked in war and for political reasons receive the homage of women and that women continue to have a role in her cult is explained by Palmer[79] as a foreign cult of feminine sexuality of Etruscan derivation. Und sie ist es auch, die dafür sorgt, dass die von Zeus schwangere Leto von Land zu Land getrieben wird, damit sie keinen Platz für die Geburt finden kann. Thence is he named my genius, because he begot me". [24] On the last day of the month, leading into March 1, she was celebrated as protectress of matrons and marriages. The Matronalia commemorates the founding of her temple and is celebrated on March 1.

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