However, it's still a #11 and not a b5, because that would implicate that the related scale has a perfect 4th (11) and a diminished 5th (b5)... (see description for b5). endobj

I'd recommend to put add9 in brackets to avoid confusing sequences of letters like e.g. If you look just at the guitar tabs you’ll see that you’re playing the note in a different place on guitar, but if you look at the guitar notes on the staff above the tabs, you’ll see it’s exactly the same note. endobj These two families can be adapted: When a major interval is lowered a half step, it becomes minor. This "chord" only contains root and perfect 5th.

18 0 obj <> Use the intervals to either construct the chord or to find the notes you can use for a solo.

What if you need to construct a dominant seventh chord and you have no idea how the chord looks like. For example, the A minor scale is made of the notes A – B – C- D – E – F – G – A, Thus the A minor chord is made of the first, third, and fifth note of this scale, that is A – C – E. This means that when you’re playing the A minor chord on a guitar, you’re only playing these 3 notes.

This is going to be edited in the coming hours, thanks to you pointing it out, but for the time being, the E major scale is E F# G# A B C# D#. The order of the intervals played on the guitars fretboard (mostly not the base form 1-3-5...etc.) If the chord is equipped with a 7th or maj7, you should prefer to use + or #5 instead of aug, e.g. Exception: when you play certain voicings (e.g. There’s a minor 6th in this nice chord from the Aeolian mode (one of the guitar modes): Half Tones: 9 Ear Mnemonic: All Blues (Miles Davis) Melodic Use: playing scales in major an minor 6ths sounds bluesy. You'll find the b13 especially in dominant 7th chords that resolve by a descending fifth (from V to I). This type of chord is often written with a slash, like e.g.C6/9. Interval distance: octave + minor 2nd Use: in dominant b9 chords.

In more traditional music lowercase letters are often standing for minor chords (e.g. Unless I’m missing something not clear in your explanation you show the same notes for an E maj scale and an E min scale, I think you may have copied or printed the same rather than the two different scales. <> Quite rarely, but nevertheless every now and then, you might stumble across an add4 chord. The minor second works well in some chords, usually with open strings: Half Tones: 2 (or 1 whole tone) Ear Mnemonic: the two first notes of Happy Birthday Melodic use: used all the time, in scales etc.

Just like you would be learning chord shapes, we will now learn these interval shapes in just the same way. The following are the notes on the low E string: If you count the number of notes above, you’ll notice there are 13. Thus, I had no clue how it was possible, for instance, to play a solo! If a chord has a 3rd (minor 3rd or major 3rd) AND a major 2nd, then the major 2nd is called a chord extension and notated as 9. endobj The next step is relative simple.

You find these building blocks in everything on the guitar: chords, arpeggios, scales, etc. Start learning their names a few at a time, spending just a couple of minutes of your practice time on them).

The table below shows the intervals of the major scale when counting from the keynote. <> But of course you can’t limit yourself to just knowing these intervals on one string. G7(b9,b13). Intervals are represented by numbers, while the musical alphabet uses letters. That means play a G7 with altered tensions of your own choice. THE JAZZ GUITAR CHORD DICTIONARY (FREE eBOOK). As you see, whatever dominant seventh chord you want to construct, it comes all down to one simple formula. If you go back to all the notes on the low E string in the example above and try to make a melody with them, choosing from all the notes on that string, it will, very likely, sound nasty. 19 0 obj Guitar Intervals: The distance between two notes. The reason is that I’m showing you the notes on the low E string only for explanation purposes. A b5 in the chords name would implicate that the scale must contain a perfect 4th, but then you'd end up having a scale with 3three halfsteps in a row [3 11 b5]. Sus stands for suspended, meaning the 3rd has been suspended and replaced by the major 2nd. But if you do have an understanding of the guitar, you will have an advantage over those who have to figure everything out by ear. endobj Half Tones: 11 Ear Mnemonic: chorus of Take On Me (A-ha) Harmonic use: the major 7th is a part of major 7th chords. In the last case you have to enclose the #5 in brackets, otherwise it might be understood as a C# power chord.

No need for you to know the notes you’re playing, just use the interval shapes. <> By knowing just a few major and minor chords, you can literally start writing your own songs on guitar. The diminished fifth (b5) normally comes along with a minor third (m3), forming a diminished chord or a half diminished chord (see table below). What about arpeggios? Sus4(b5) is imaginable and written correctly, but you may hardly ever stumble across such a chord (try to play it and you'll know why). For instance, if you play the open E note followed by the note B on the 7th fret of the guitar, you have played an interval … By knowing the relations created with intervals between chords, scales, arpeggios, modes etc. You can move a G major barre chord two frets higher and play an A major barre chord, etc. The intervals we’ve seen so far are what we call “simple intervals”. The reason why this is important is when you’re for example playing live and you need to find the A7 chord closest to where you are at the fretboard, this is the way to do it. That means play a G7 chord with altered tensions of your own choice. The corresponding chord symbol shows up above the fretboard and the spots of the chord shape will display the according notes or intervals. endobj Harmonic use: sometimes used in chords or as an effect, such as in the following example.

endobj Half Tones: 8 (or 4 whole tones) Ear Mnemonic: Black Orpheus Melodic Use: very nice interval, a bit melancholic. With guitar intervals it’s much easier because everything stays the same. 1 0 obj When you need to solo over an A7 chord, just use the intervals from that chord to solo. There are other options such as the CAGED system, which I don’t find particularly effective. C+ or Caug, sometimes also C+5 or C5+, rarely C(#5). When you need to solo over an A7 chord, just use the intervals from that chord to solo. The 4th interval is also used in sus4 chords, such as in this C9sus4 chord: It is the weakest interval, meaning that it has the tendency to go somewhere, it wants to move to other notes. In the previous guitar intervals lesson we learned how intervals are the building blocks of music, specifying the relative distance between pitches.. Now it's time to transfer this knowledge to the fretboard and make some serious progress. Every chord tone can be played one or more octaves higher or even lower than the root on the guitar.

Each contribution, no matter how small, will make a difference. endobj An interval is the distance between two notes. You allways count from bottom to to top - starting with the root (not necessarily the lowest note). The perfect 5th can be omitted, especially to free a string or a finger for chord extensions like 11, #11, b13 or 13. If the minor sixth occurs in a chord, it more likely has the function of an (altered) chord extension b13 or an augmented fifth #5. The tritone is also used in tritone substitution. These shapes are moveable, meaning you can move them up or down the fretboard to form other chords.

Higher numbers like 9, 11, and 13 are standing for additional tones ("tensions"). endobj Or what if you need to play a blues solo over a dominant seventh chord but you have no idea what scale you need. {:�묯����K��Z�}���W��=!�?�̴� oA���. It's the interval with the most different writings. Harmonic use: the tritone is an important element of dominant chords, half-diminished chords and diminished 7 chords (which has 2 tritones). Chord tones may occur more than one time in your chord shape.

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