Each of the field boxes will soon have, 3. Here are the fall dates:

As you know, the weather in Michigan can change in an instant! We have had to cut and replace a number of locks on the field boxes this spring because the combinations are being changed inadvertently. Since 1953, the Franklin Township Baseball League (FTBL) has been a self-funding youth organization that provides organized youth sports programs for well over 500 children ranging in ages from 4 to 18. middle of the page). Please do not add any other material (especially kitty litter!) If there are kids on the ball diamonds when you arrive, you will need to wait until they are off. 3. We have posted the open field slots on the web. Please be sure to remind your team's parents to park in the main lot. Although our terrific field prep team typically sets the bases prior to the game, if for some reason this does not occur, it is the home manager’s responsibility to ensure that this is done prior to the game. Being a part of Saturday 12/5 Sunday 11/8 c.    Thank you in advance for honoring these guidelines, as failure to do so may put us at risk of losing the Groves fields for future games/practices! Please Click on Field Below to obtain Field Permit. Yes, they must park in the main lot and walk. There will be some special field mix placed in our field box at Groves; you can use this to try to help dry up the wet spots. Note that we are also prohibited from utilizing the surrounding areas around our fields as a restroom, or entering any of the neighboring buildings to use the facilities. Our board members are here to assist you with anything you may need. 2. This information will also be posted to the “Coaches Corner” section of the Franklin website. The Franklin Township Baseball League is run entirely by volunteers to promote, develop, and supervise youth baseball. Also any future league requirements for fields will override any allocation given by this process (i.e. The box is located behind the backstop of the JV Softball Field (the field closest to Evergreen). Be part of an American tradition with The Official Batting Glove of Major League Baseball. FRANKLIN BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL LEAGUE.

Franklin Baseball & Softball League, Franklin, Michigan Sunday 10/18,

Welcome to being a Manager or Assistant Coach!!! This means that all managers and coaches are REQUIRED to complete (prior to the start of the season) the online training program, which can We will keep lost and found items for a month, then they will be turned over to a charity. It is important to have permits on hand where required. There are a few parking spots along the road near the East field that - if available - can be used by coaches for parking. The Franklin Baseball and Softball League. Garbage bags are provided in equipment bags, and either put them in a trash can or take them home with you and dispose of them there. Copyright © 2001 - 2020 Franklin Baseball and Softball League. Please remember, the code for the locks on each of our boxes is. PLEASE inform your baseball parents that they are NOT to park in the Environmental Center at Bingham Farms parking lot under any condition! Use only the material that has been placed in the field box. T-Ball coaches – please reinforce to your team parents that we are prohibited from entering the Church or the Parish Center to use the facilities, but that the kids should use the new portable toilet in the back of the parking lot instead.
The bases in the field box at Groves have, The Michigan sports concussion legislation requires all coaches, employees, volunteers, and other adults involved with a youth athletic activity to As you know, the weather in Michigan can change in an instant! Each of the field boxes will soon have field material added to them, if they don't have it already. On our school fields, such as West Maple, we need to be cognizant of school programs, such as Kids Club, which may be occupying our fields up to 6pm. Posted Jan 13, 2020. If you have not completed the Concussion training, as required by the State of Michigan, you must complete that training and send in your certificate to your division director. There is a field box at Echo North, but it does not have a lock.

The training takes about 40 minutes to complete. Now that we have had a few days of sunshine, I also hope that you are finding the fields are in (mostly) good condition.I wanted to pass along a few requests/reminders:1. Then you will be able to view/utilize the dropdown menus in the file, which give you the option to select the Division, your team and if you want a range of dates or specific field, and it will show you all Fields and times available that match your criteria. This means that all managers and coaches are REQUIRED to complete (prior to the start of the season) the online training program, which can This will help extend the life of our bases. The combination on this lock is also BALL. Sunday 8/10

This base should be used as the, 2.
That is why we ask that you do your best to get your games in. I will be adding field boxes at Bingham East and West in the near future. Before the season begins, there are a few housekeeping items that need to be completed.

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