To me, that the Earth is round is obvious, as are races. “MY DEAR.”. They are a combination of all those supposed races, which highlights the absurdity of your stance. It’s clinal along with higher degrees and lesser degrees of distinctiveness. At one time it was easy to tell one’s ethnicity, but as the global conglomeration offered more choice and change (as well as borrowing styles and ideas from other cultures), it has become impossible to identify ethnicity based solely on distinctive features. Race is your biologically engineered features. Which again I find laughable, because there are people in Iceland like Bjork, and in Denmark like Mads Mikkelson, who very much appear to have strong Asian ties, so Europe was never really made up of one pure race in my opinion. For example, the color of someone’s skin would be described as his or her race, not ethnicity. Incest is what happens when humans cannot intermix with those who are “less like themselves” and as a result — there are serious genetic consequences. Mennonite vs. Amish: What Are The Differences? It falls apart, right? We may want to be clear when using the word “race” in this discussion. Usually both, it seems, otherwise known as willfully ignorant. The Asians had left Africa much earlier. Black people, yellow people, red people, brown people, white people – we are all part of the larger Human Race, just from different ethnic backgrounds. What we really mean when we say human race is the human species, right? And as far as the White race “having revenge” — that is absurdity at it’s finest.

3. Because science has proven it doesn’t exist. Ethnicity can be altered or mimicked through choice and beliefs. Still, for formal writing (and linguistic precision) you will need to know how to choose between them.

), and one of the recent reports even argues the possibility of there being only four distinct races around the world (Asian or mongoloid, Caucasian, black or Negroid and Australoid). Why do some people deny the existence of race, when it’s very obvious to me? You cannot do the same with race. I’m very aware of the injustices that different races to do other races, as a matter of race. i noticed the the stark difference between her skin colour and mine when i laid my hand beside hers on the desk. Perhaps you should check your level of knowledge on history and get itbright with actual scientific facts…. it has less to do with looks and more to do with how people in power define races. It’s not about skin tone, except as a mere supporting aspect, it’s mainly about the distinctive collective of facial structure, cranial structure, and other characteristics of body morphology which show a persons historical geographical aboriginal lineage. Diet, mindset and climate(epigenetics) contribute more to physical features than true ancestry(genes), per se. 3 Races? For some people, there is a definite line between the two. Just as there are dogs of different breeds. the historical Jews are Arab / middle eastern looking, because Judaism is a religion/ social construct not a biological construct! Ethnicity vs Race Race is NOT about desirability valuation, at least as I know it. And althougj America is known as “The Melting Pot” no one is of a different race. Race refers to a person's physical characteristics, such as bone structure and skin, hair, or eye color. Probably a very violent creature. For example, a Japanese-American would probably consider herself a member of the Japanese or Asian race, but, if she doesn't engage in any practices or customs of her ancestors, she might not identify with the ethnicity, instead considering herself an American. What ‘race’ is Tiger Woods? You’d be more right to say, race is not an inherent feature of the natural world…rather, it’s a human-made categorization scheme that is sometimes useful, other times inaccurate. Race does not have customs or globally learned behavior.

Race vs. In such cases, the same term can be used to describe either ethnicity or race. Each one of them will most probably be subjected to a different set of traditions, a different language, and a different mindset influenced by their environment and adopted the lifestyle. It has nothing to do with race, but with each individual’s ethnicity and their particular values and beliefs, and their upbringing. On the other hand, we have thousands of ethnic groups in the world. And of course there ‘hybrids’ of different races,… there are clines,… and again, there demes, which is a sort of human racial classification.

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