The race is for horses 3 years and older over 2400 metes (2620 yards). The reserve was established to be used for three purposes—a racecourse, public recreation ground and public park. The current trustees must commit to fulfilling their obligations in accordance with contemporary governance standards including placing the public interest—in this case those interests that align with the agreed objectives for the reserve as a whole—ahead of any professional or private interests. What was once an unused turf for a bowling green, taking up precious open space, has been revitalised into a new community active recreation play space.

This work is intended to focus on statutory authorities and their relationship with DEPI and will take into account recent amendments to the Public Administration Act 2004 relating to departmental responsibility for, and oversight of, these entities. The Categorisation Framework is now based on an analysis of financial, social and environmental risks. knowledge and wisdom has ensured the continuation of In particular, this should include: The trust should also conduct a regular condition audit of the reserve to inform priority setting for maintenance activities. These can be actual, potential or perceived'.

The document DSE's Guide to Good Governance – board members: An introduction to duties and standards of conduct forms the basis of our assessment of the trust's draft governance policy.
in 2011 the trustees established a website that provides some limited information to the public.

Pedestrian entrance via Glen Eira Road—blocked.

Family friendly spaces including a community garden and nature-based play to engage children. It refers to the authority, accountability, stewardship, leadership, direction and control exercised in the organisation'. The plan should reflect a detailed and considered assessment of land use options based on stakeholder consultation and contain clearly defined objectives and priorities for the use, access, development and maintenance of the reserve consistent with all three purposes of the Crown grant. develop and enforce a maintenance and new works program consistent with the proposed land management strategic plan to: That as a priority, the Department of Environment and Primary Industries: introduces more rigorous oversight of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. Trust wrote to DSE enquiring on the status of the transaction.

However, the trust has not paid sufficient attention, over a substantial period, to adequately meeting the needs of the community. DEPI has failed to address significant issues that have been drawn to its attention by the government and council trustees, such as concerns over trustees' conflicts of interest. trustees to assist them to resolve significant governance and management issues This is not the case for trustees appointed to manage the reserve. Title plan of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve.Copyright State of Victoria. level of clarity contained in the legislative framework over the powers and obligations of the trust. In addition, the regulations are not an effective tool to manage the reserve, with practical enforcement of the regulations being limited. broader aspirations in the 21st century and beyond. Figure 2A provides an overview of that assessment. of the Caulfield Racecourse Reserve. Until recently, there has also been no publicly available information on the trust's activities. However, there is no documentary evidence that certain works undertaken in recent years were approved by the trustees. This will enable it to gain assurance that the management of the reserve is consistent with the purposes for which it was reserved and compliant with relevant government policies and legislation. allowing members of the public to address and attend meetings—prior to this, meetings of the trustees were closed to the public, the chair of the trust now provides opportunities for community members to meet with him at the reserve to discuss their concerns.
If they do, the challenge is to identify the beneficiaries or classes of beneficiaries on whose behalf the trustees are acting, and trustees would have an obligation to act in the best interests of those beneficiaries. However, DEPI has given little, if any consideration to the issues contained therein. For example, the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust is required each year to prepare a business plan for approval by the minister, which must include: The Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust is also subject to the Financial Management Act 1994 (FMA) and its members have been brought within the operation of the Public Administration Act 2004 (PAA). Map shows parcels 1, 2 and 3 swapped for parcel 4 in land exchange. During the course of the audit, I was encouraged that the Department of Environment and Primary Industries acknowledged it had to improve its oversight, and it has made a commitment to work with the trustees to address the issues raised in my report. The deed requires MRC to develop a maintenance and development plan for negotiation and agreement between MRC and the trust. The reserve was established to be used for three purposes—a racecourse, public recreation ground and public park.

The guide is comprehensive and was developed with the support of the Victorian Public Sector Commission.

133 677 This project also focuses on governance and identifying the most appropriate Crown land manager for a reserve. Note: ✔ = met, P = partially met, ✘ = not met/not included in the draft policy.Source: Victorian Auditor-General's Office based on DSE's Guide to Good Governance – board members: An introduction to duties and standards of conduct of the former Department of Sustainability and Environment, now the Department of Environment and Primary Industries.

the extent to which it has effectively engaged with the trustees on major issues affecting the management of the reserve. No steps have been taken to address this and the framework compares unfavourably to legislative frameworks over other major Crown land venues. engage, with Victoria’s Traditional Owners and Aboriginal

This includes: These functions are based on DEPI performing a proactive role in supporting the trust.

The March 2009 council letter indicated that: DEPI prepared a ministerial briefing in May 2009 in response to the council letter, which advised that: The issue is not whether any one party has a controlling interest but rather the failure of the trust to recognise and manage conflicts of interest.

These acts have been applied to the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust through its enabling legislation.

The focus was on the support provided by DEPI to these committees and whether this enabled them to carry out their functions effectively and efficiently. increases its level of oversight and support for the trustees, works with trustees to establish a governance framework that meets contemporary better practice standards.

MRC wrote to DSE to formally propose an exchange allowing MRC to take ownership of the triangle of the Crown land and, in return, MRC would transfer an area of land it owned in Booran Road to the Crown.

A full chronology of events relating to the land exchange process, following the October 2006 meeting is summarised in Figure 3A. There have been attempts by the trust over the past two years to address the lack of governance arrangements. However, this has not been the result of the trust's stewardship of the reserve but rather reflects the success of MRC in driving its vision and plans to develop the reserve as a racing precinct. It is intended that MRC will be required to seek approval from the trust for the use of the centre or parts of the centre of the reserve at any time beyond the licence conditions.

Until recently, however, members of the local community had no direct means of engaging with trustees on matters of importance to them. develop and adopt a governance framework consistent with contemporary standards and an action plan for implementing the framework. In contrast, the Melbourne Cricket Ground Trust and the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Trust have their functions, responsibilities and accountabilities enshrined in the Melbourne Cricket Ground Act 2009 and the Melbourne and Olympic Parks Act 1985 respectively. This has been compounded by the trust's lack of organisational and executive management capacity and particularly its lack of presence at the reserve.

This is likely to be beyond the trust's current administrative capacity, with only one part‑time officer appointed to provide secretariat support to the chair and trust. As part of the State Government’s $154 million Suburban Parks Program, Council has been successful in securing $2.6 million in funding for the construction of two new pocket parks. The minister also provided a copy of the department's model conflict of interest policy.

It states that 'where any land has been reserved under this Act… the trustees thereof or the Minister and the trustees (as the case may be) with the approval of the Governor in Council… may make regulations'.

DEPI's failure to adequately address this issue is now apparent in trustees' inability to resolve their protracted grandstand lease negotiations with MRC.

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