So, this is just part and parcel of ancient mythology, comparative mythology, and furthermore, we don’t have the eyewitness accounts of the people to whom these appearances supposedly occurred. If Mr. Zindler wants us to believe atheism instead then he’s got to first tear down all of the evidence for Christianity which I’ve presented and then in its place erect a case of his own which is more convincing for the truth of atheism. Unfortunately, in his opening speech he’s declined to do either of those two things.

There simply are no cases of one species evolving by itself into another species. The difference is that atheists know that all ethical systems are made by human beings, whereas everyone else makes up these systems but then claims, “God told me so. They seem to be, perhaps, symbolic for the twelve tribes of Israel. [9]. There are books that falsely claim to be written by various people. This will not work, really, with a sphere. So, the enlightened atheist will temper his pursuit of his passions and pleasures in such a way that he can maximize in the long run his own self-interest. Nevertheless, . Here's the confrontation as it actually occurred, from opening remarks by moderator Lee Strobel to full-scale presentations and rebuttals by Craig and Zindler. It was written in the second century B.C. The book of Leviticus tells you the circumstances under which you should sacrifice human beings and we have the case of the sacrifice of Jephthah’s daughter in which this allegedly was carried out. The question is, who has more compelling evidence for their conclusion? There were so many things that they had in common,”, “Opinions on history and politics. On the atheist view you are simply lost in socio-cultural relativism, and there is no basis for affirming these common values we all want to hold dear. So, it was very soon realized that this verification theory of meaning, if it were true, it’s meaningless! evolution of human beings to their present state.

Breath is indeed a physical thing; it can survive outside of the body. Nobody holds you accountable so just go for all the gusto you can get. But neither can it be explained from the side of Jewish influences because the Jewish concept of resurrection was radically different from Jesus’ resurrection. Why would a benevolent God reveal his glory to only a portion of the population and create other people whose only purpose is, basically, to burn in hell because they have very little chance of ever hearing the glories of Jesus Christ and they really will never have a chance to make it? For the universe to be self-caused, it would have had to exist and not exist at the same time. Join Our Newsletter! Both of these men are very passionate about what they believe. But this other thing is the idea of a disembodied mind. That first speech could’ve been given by a Hindu, a Buddhist, an agnostic, even a deist (somebody who believes in God but doesn’t believe in Christianity). Paul Kurtz, who is an atheist and humanist philosopher, writes that the “The central question about moral and ethical principles concerns their ontological foundation. You’re going to burn for that. Atheists, just like all of you and other people in the world, have to depend upon man-made systems of ethics. I wasn’t raised in a church going family but as a teenager I heard this message for the first time and it revolutionized my life. So, rather than to attack straw men at this point I’ll wait for Mr. Zindler’s response to the following question: “What is the evidence that atheism is true?”. Any doubts that I might have about the theory of evolution really are not biblical but scientific. Olympus and so the priests got wise and they said, “Well, Zeus is permanently out to lunch, he doesn’t live here anymore.” And so the god idea today is totally impalpable. Ask God if He is real, and Jesus is who He claims to be, that you want Him to come into your heart and be the LORD of your life.

And bring them they did, to this major debate called Atheism vs. Christianity: Where Does the Evidence Point? Does the evidence point to Christianity?

And He will “wipe away every tear” from our eyes. 3. St. Augustine in the 300’s in his commentary on Genesis argued that the days needn’t be taken literally nor need the creation be a few thousand years ago.

There is no objective basis for affirming them. You can become possessed of the Holy Spirit. There is no more reason to deny the objective existence of moral values than to deny the objective reality of the physical world. Physical space and time were created in that event, as well as all the matter and energy in the universe. This isn’t really an argument for God’s existence; rather, it’s the claim that you can know God exists wholly apart from arguments simply by experiencing him. Now, the idea that breath made something alive again made sort of sense because if someone died of a heart attack (in the year 1,000 B.C.) Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Jesus supposedly lifted off—the launching of the Lord. If he wants to but cannot he is impotent. The Messiah, the Son of God? This is in keeping with the genetic pool of DNA in each species or “kind”. If you change that slightly with LSD molecules or alcohol molecules or low blood sugar, you lose the mind. In Matthew 24:29-31, we read “The stars will fall from the sky.

Archeologists have shown that the conquest stories of the Old Testament are not supportable and most interesting is the study of the geography of the New Testament shows that much of the geography is mythical. So long as they still labored under the Roman yolk, they couldn’t possibly have believed their Messianic expectations were fulfilled. Answer:  First of all, there are two kinds of evil in the world: Because there is evil in the world, atheist try to use this fact to dispose of a belief and trust in an Almighty God altogether. No you can’t. Objection:  The universe is eternal, and creates itself – it always was, is, and always will be (as Carlos Sagan once said). ELSEWHERE? They did not think of God as an inferred entity but as an experienced reality . It is completely without intelligence. Now, Mr. Zindler says that you don’t need to do this because the proposition that God exists or that God does not exist is meaningless. You can’t imagine a way that you could test for the undetectable gremlins on Saturn. I believe that human beings are units that have immaterial and physical portions. It may still be the case that God exists. The only way you could criticize the Nazi ethic is by having a transcendent vantage point that transcends cultural, relative values and gives you an absolute standard of right and wrong. But he says the idea of God is so impalpable. an idea adopted by the mind, but the experiential reality which gave significance to their lives.

I would say, listening to Dr. Craig repeat my evolution argument and my evil argument and try to convert those to a proof of God, that what he has unwittingly done is proven the existence of a devil. How much less this house that I have built.” [19] It’s clear that for him God completely transcends the universe. For example, what is infinity minus infinity? That would be a universal negative. Consider if evolution is true, and all the evidence of science seems to show quite clearly that it is, then what about this idea of souls and spirits even if you ignore my historical analysis as to the origin of spirits? There was quite a bit of astrology at the beginning of Christianity. the Holocaust as a sustained effort was possible only because a new ethic was in place that did not define the arrest and deportation of Jews as wrong and in fact defined it as ethically tolerable and ever good. Some things are really evil. The celestial powers will be shaken. Response (Zindler):The ability to reason obviously was something that conferred selective advantage on various primate species. If there are any errors then the whole document is worthless as a historical source. . You have nothing to loose everything to gain. even though it claims ostensibly to have been composed during the Babylonian captivity during the sixth century B.C.
Answer:  If God were to stamp out evil today, He would do a “complete” job of it. Dr. Craig has published a dozen books and numerous articles on both the scholarly and popular level including these titles: The Cosmological Argument from Plato to Leibniz, Assessing the New Testament Evidence for the Historicity of the Resurrection of Jesus, and his most recent book is being coauthored with an atheist philosopher named Quentin Smith, and that book is called Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology. and we both go to the grave. Filter/search movies by genere, quality and content rating and discover the perfect movie for your family. He asks for a cause of the universe, and thinks that he has given one. You live once, and then when your body dies, “you” (if there is a you) die with it. This type of theism is no better than atheism, and its fruit will be just as bitter. The laws of thermodynamics, the evidence for an expanding universe, the theory of relativity, and other evidence point to an initial singularity, or beginning. As long as the brain is operating in a certain way within certain limits we have consciousness, we have mentation, we have sensation. Christians accept the credibility of that testimony. The popular series ran f, Editor’s Note:  The following is the first of many articles developed from my new book, THE SCREEN-WISE FAMILY. Was he capable of going to hell? His breath had gone out. But I have to tell you quite candidly that the mental hospitals of the world are filled with people to whom God speaks daily and sometimes all night long. Atheist philosophers have tried for centuries to disprove the existence of God. Actually, what I’d like to do is just get all these groups of Christians up and just let them eliminate each other and I would have much less work to do. Nobody knows where it is. Has the Real Mount Sinai Been Discovered? Quentin Smith, “A Big Bang Cosmological Argument For God's Nonexistence,” Faith and Philosophy, April 1992 (Volume 9, No. [22] Now, it seems to me that if evolution did occur then it would have had to have been a miracle! You know, Mr. Zindler has never denied this and I want to close by mentioning that point. 13-14. Number 6: God can be immediately known and experienced. Now, in review of the other points that I have made, we have yet to see any answer to the argument for a Creator of the universe based on the big bang or the scientific evidence. Of course, one of the things we think about is the description of St. Paul’s visions. I’m not claiming that we must. We all evolved from a single celled organism.

This reality is in line with scripture, which states that God created the initial “kinds”, and then reproduction took place, “according to its kind” (Gen 1;31,24). I showed also that with this principle of enlightened self interest this leads to a desire for justice. Only 1% of genetic material distinguishes you from a chimpanzee. Tooth decay can only exist when there is still something left of the tooth.

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