For men are made for happiness, and anyone who is completely happy has a right to say to himself, ‘I am doing God’s will on earth.’ All the righteous, all the saints, all the holy martyrs were happy.”.

So you see this is a great duty.”, “From the house of my childhood I have brought nothing but precious memories, for there are no memories more precious than those of early childhood in one’s first home. No, gentlemen, it’s out of spite that I don’t wish to be treated. Now we do think bloodshed abominable and yet we engage in this abomination, and with more energy than ever. In any case civilisation has made mankind if not more bloodthirsty, at least more vilely, more loathsomely bloodthirsty. . The gifts of home are not given, however; they depend on the parents’ ability to embody and act from love, as well as on the children’s ability to recognize and accept the gifts of home.

Symbolism in Fyodor Dostoevsky's Notes from Underground. The Russian writer Nikolay Chernyshevsky and his followers believed that man only desired what was in is best interest, and that mankind could be improved and taught to listen to reason so that society would progress to a kind of utopian existence, symbolized by the image of a perfect crystal palace (which the underground man derogatively refers to). From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. The most terrible thing was that I found it positively stupid. Born in Moscow in 1821, Dostoevsky, like his contemporaries Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev, and Alexander Pushkin, is considered one of the most important novelists of the Golden Age of Russian literature. “I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”, “I swear to you gentlemen, that to be overly conscious is a sickness, a real, thorough sickness.”, “To love is to suffer and there can be no love otherwise.”, “I love, I can only love the one I’ve left behind, stained with my blood when, ungrateful wretch that I am, I extinguished myself and shot myself through the heart. Instead, it is a course of action based on faith and selfless service.

Love in dreams is greedy for immediate action, rapidly performed and in the sight of all. Through his novels, Dostoevsky examined the ways families generate and sustain love, as well as the ways they can be corrupted and torn apart by hatred, jealousy, and vice.
And who knows (one cannot swear to it), perhaps the only goal on earth to which mankind is striving lies in this incessant process of attaining, or in other words, in life itself, and not particularly in the goal which of course must always be two times two makes four, that is a formula, and after all, two times two makes four is no longer life, gentlemen, but is the beginning of death.”, “He spoke of many things, he seemed anxious before the moment of death to say everything he had not said in his life, and not simply for the sake of instructing them, but as though thirsting to share with all men and all creation his joy and ecstasy, and once more in his life to open up his whole heart.”. For those who live a full and spiritually wise life, the final moments before death can be profound and expansive, a final outpouring of life’s goodness, a celebration rather than a moment to lament. To an existentialist, it is important to question life’s meaning, but inauthentic to accept a formulaic answer.

Love the animals, love the plants, love everything.

Part 1, Chapter 1 Quotes I am a sick man. Granted I am a babbler, a harmless vexatious babbler, like all of us.

. His letter overflowed with love and an unwavering conviction in the goodness of life. His mind was completely empty, and he was quite incapable of filling it with anything; but with his whole being he suddenly felt that he no longer possessed any freedom of thought or of will, and that everything had suddenly been decided once and for all.”, “But man is a frivolous and incongruous creature, and perhaps, like the chess player, loves only the process of the game, not the end of it. Only to live, to live and live! The first phase of married love will pass, it is true, but then there will come a love that is better still.

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