Now you must transport the piece to safety. Transformers Age of Extinction. Android APK Free Download - Free apk Games and apk Apps: Mobile 9 - mobile9 - 9games - 9apps, Privacy Policy - Terms and Conditions - Contact. Test your abilities and survive as long as possible! Note: The event reran at April 23 to April 29 2015, with Sideswipe as the highest tier reward. Note: The event reran at May 14 to May 20 2015, with Red Ironhide as the top tier reward.

It is an endless runner. Galvatron has ordered a swarm of his strongest soldiers into battle. The purchase of in-game items can increase the strength of your character and otherwise accelerate or boost performance. Take on bosses during regular in-game events and challenge your friends to compete for the highest score and the greatest rewards. Outnumbered and separated, each Autobot faces insurmountable odds on their own. Transformers: Age of Extinction is a third-person action game where you will control one of the transformers that runs non-stop as it faces the Decepticons.

–Build a force to be reckoned with by upgrading your team of TRANSFORMERS characters to level up weapons, tech and abilities. Recover the documents so we can apply this upgrade to Bumblebee instead! We must travel the Earth and locate Lockdown. Note: This event reran at May 28 to June 3, with Ratchet's Transmetal Shooter as the highest tier reward, again. Ran from February 12 to February 18 2015.

Ran from April 9 to April 15. Ran from October 30 to November 5 2014.
Ran from January 22 to January 28 2015. Drift, a great warrior, battles with the spirit of the Samurai. Ran from September 19 to September 25 2014. Ran from to January 29 to February 4 2015. Recruit and customize your team of TRANSFORMERS characters in both their robot and vehicle modes to level up their weapon power, tech and abilities.

looking for the secret weapon the Autobots can use to stop Lockdown once and for all! Enemy forces have abducted Jazz! It is an endless runner. Note: For some reason, this event jumped through the 25th event, and it reran at September 24 till September 30.

There is a new threat. Galvatron seeks the power of a great star - The Earth's Sun! It's been five years since the battle of Chicago. Note: The even reran at July 9 till July 15, with the Vector Shield as the highest tier reward, again. You run, dash, and change forms through fast-paced missions with your formidable cast of AUTOBOT heroes. Note: The event reran at May 21 to May 27 2015, with Grimlock's Transmetal Virge as the highest tier reward. If we don't disrupt their relays, the humans will be completely defenseless! He may look different, but some things haven't changed. • Gear Up and Roll Out! KEY FEATURES Ran from October 2 to October 8 2014. Transformers Age Of Extinction - APK Download - Free Android Games, How To Uninstall Android Games and Apps - EULA License, Transformers Age Of Extinction - Free Download. Ran from January 8 to January 14 2015. The Decepticons are coordinating a major strike against the humans by hacking military networks! Ironhide, the weapons specialist, has emerged from a covert operation with the Human military. Note: the event reran at August 6 to August 12. Incoming transmission from Optimus Prime: "Calling all Autobots! The cyberforming process results in the eradication to all forms of life within the immerse range of the Seed's blast radius. In order to survive, we must band together and fight as one. Battle your way through his defenses to liberate these prized relics.

Note: The event reran at June 18 to June 24 2015, with Bumblebee's Astral Disk as the highest tier reward, again. Ran from November 13 to November 19 2014. Stop for nothing! The Dinobots have been unleashed! The Decepticons are gathering lost fragments of the Allspark! Ran from March 5 to March 11. The Autobots are in hiding and are being tracked down by the bounty hunter Lockdown and his minions. Note: the event reran at June 11 to June 17 2015, with Smokescreen as the Highest tier reward. If you wish, you can disable in-app purchases in your device‘s settings. There will only be one victor in this conflict, don't let it be them! No matter where you look, he will have you seeing red. Dismantle anything that stands in your way! Lockdown does not observe these virtues, ambushing his foes and showing no mercy. Recover the documents, No matter the cost! Get them into the fight in the mountains outside Hong Kong! Experience explosive action in TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction, the all-new 3D combat runner. Ran from March 12 to March 18. Android Free Download- Free Android Games and Free Applications For Android Tablet or Android Phone. Get him to the rest of the Autobots! Note: The event reran at September 17 till September 23. Note: The event reran at May 7 to May 13 2015, with Drift's Transmetal Blade as the highest tier reward, again. Galvatron had reached KSI's supply and he's planning to mount a devastating attack against the Autobots. There will be no rest until we face our for eye to eye and dispatch him. • Jump Into a Hollywood Blockbuster– Experience suspense-filled Hollywood action with fast paced missions, destructive environments, and epic 3D effects. Lockdown and his soldiers have tracked the Autobots to Hong Kong. Galvatron will throw everything he has at you so you must be prepared for battle! Ran from September 11 to September 17 2014. Ran from December 18 to December 23 2014. Note: The event reran at September 3 till September 9. In this cinematic universe, your mission is to take down DECEPTICON enemies as you run, dash, and change forms through fast-paced missions with your formidable cast of AUTOBOT heroes. Note: The event reran at September 13 to September 17. Ran from March 26 to April 1.

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