@RudyGiuliani should be the Attorney General, — HARLAN Z. HILL (@Harlan) October 15, 2020. As the guy that constantly types out Term Two will be EPIC, I will repeat that it must be, by design is meant to be. I would hazard a guess that the “lids” become semi-permanent from here on out!!!!…. Posted October 15, 2020 ; Rudy Giuliani discusses how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on … DC is an influence-peddling infested swamp and that was obvious to anyone paying attention long before Trump, Biden, SpyGate, etc., etc. Obama knew about it and more than a few of our congresscritters were on the take as well. Now that all of this blatant corruption has been exposed, how can they allow Biden to continue as their nominee? Can and do wholeheartedly concur. All peas in a pod, right. PDJT may have had Guiliani hold his cards close to his vest until now. The “web’ has been 12 years in the making, so it has grown enormously. I like that idea as it reminds me of the movie “Enemy of the State” where the photographer, who is being chased by G-men spooks, plants his video tape in the shopping bag of his innocent friend who happens to bump in to him. Almost Clintonian in its grifting efficiency for “the Big Guy,” but pales in comparison of size of the take. There needs to be a DoJ Accountability Bill where these people can be fired and lose their pensions if they are engaged in corruption, political favoritism and not following the evidence no matter who is implicated. ONLY after the Election…which gives President Trump holding the reigns instead of McConnell & Company!!! No doubt about it. Here is a good question that someone should ask Biden tonight. Caps do not indicate shouting!! When I meet so many people who have been subjected to Alinsky tactics as children, I shudder! Learn how your comment data is processed. Also, a Senate investigation released last month provided details of Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings, including China-related transactions that were flagged by banks and federal agencies as “potential criminal financial activity.”. And she never could have been allowed to be a candidate for VP who might replace the prez in the first place if that interpretation was valid. Subscribe. It STARTED the war to expand the British empire, FACEBOOK UNMASKED: HOW THE WORLD’S MOST RELEVANT ENTREPRENEUR WAS SCREWED BY ZUCKERBERG, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPQmaTvB9aQ, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxytlqS4amc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ4KRts8RFc, Political leaders and governments from around the world choose us to, We manage, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of coalitions to impact and shape public policy debates and to advance legislative, communications, and stakeholder engagement strategies. Hence any one network only had to compete against the other two for viewers. Always too clever by half. I believe it should show up on Hunter’s return…he has to pay gift tax. Regardless of how this all plays out I am sad for our great country. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. This goes much deeper then BIden The pattern: Biden is named Point Man in Iraq, Ukraine, and China Biden fails in his mission for the U.S., yet the Biden Family scores millions upon millions for the Enterprise. There is no way Joe reported those millions on his taxes. The President is the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN THE UNITED STATES…ANYONE who has violated their oath-of-office gets canned…AND THAT IS HOW IT WILL GO DOWN…. One of the most interesting things to me, by not prosecuting any of this overt criminality they are only enhancing their well earned imprimatur as the Swamp! . Creepy & his son Uncle Daddy need to hold an open press conference and clear up this nefarious business. I’m Joe Biden and I forgot this message. Jimboct Just emphasis…, In reality, I knew it was deep, what makes my heart ache, is to see it before me, and how many people that are in positions we are to trust, participated in such vile and despicable behaviour. Rudy just shocked me. Hopefully President Trump is coming after Wray for sitting on this evidence during his impeachment hoax. The email indicated that the former VP’s pay was to be “850,” while noting further, “Hunter has some office expectation he will elaborate,” the outlet said. People under 40 yrs old have no clue, but @RudyGiuliani single handily took down the largest organized crime syndicate in America – the Mafia. Once again, what you see on TV is not the reality. I posted it on mewe. ( Log Out /  Multi Step means the sphincter gets squeezed more and the flutter valve lets loose!!!!!!!!! That has to hurt. Marie Claire Publication Shills for Kamala Harris. That would be a public record of his corruption and he he benefitted. If they dilute the vote with 1 million excess ballots, and officials stone wall or slow walk everything there may be no sitting president by January. This whole email is a father upset with an ingrate daughter, and using the example of Joe being harsher with him, meaning, “you’re lucky I’m being so easy with you”. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Joe Biden had previously stated that he never discussed his son’s business dealings. I read that line in another thread and love it!!! IT WAS A HUM-DINGER!!! As a quilter, I want that fabric back!! Parechovirus B formerly known as the Ljungan virus: Pilgrims Society genocide bioweapon? Then subscribe to Patriots4Truth where we are posting Common Sense videos and materials as soon as they are released. This 25th business, is an 3nd around on Impeachment, which is next to impossible to make happen. Showing COVID Symptoms? Giuliani discussed the alleged contents and findings contained on the laptop during an episode of his “Common Sense” podcast on Wednesday. Social media is trying to & threatening to block any and all posts regarding this. Rudy Giuliani: Common Sense: Episode # 14: Obama Administration covered up a report showing that $3.5 billion in foreign aid never reached it’s intended destination & purpose. They changed the rules after realizing the Trump ate Joe’s lunch in the first debate. Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. It is a sad and obviously very corrupt situation. It may or may not be intentional but I doubt we can survive the consequences. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This is only the tip of the iceberg, much more to come!”. The corruption is beyond Biden, Clinton, Obama, it’s the entire government, all of it. I think the emails with the Burisma guy about meeting Joe and having Hunter help with advising how to influence things with Joe and the administration are bad for Joe and show what the deal was, but the email with his daughter is not germane to the Ukraine money graft scheme and is an easily knocked down diversion. One minor suggestion: Leave Ratcliffe as DNI and get rid of the FBI completely. The real story is the alphabet agencies covering it up and what will eventually be even more egregious when no indictments are brought forward. Sometimes all it takes is a few good men to do something! Posted October 16, 2020 ; Rudy Giuliani discusses the Biden crime family. Maybe….MAYBE….with a few exceptions, the myrmidons in the DOJ and FBI are in full out “protect the institution” mode. In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani, who was the trailblazer for RICO prosecutions in the 1980s, demonstrates… It's a Crime | 10-16-2020. IMHO. Seems like the real Kingfish in all of this corruption is the Emperor O’Zero himself – who should have known (and likely did know) about all of this filth. I will believe the same regarding the many other 0-bama relationships with all of these other anti-democracy international criminal nations. I hope my explanation did not offend but it is important that OUR form of government be protected at ALL COSTS!!! I believe this goes on with aid money to many of the countries the US is “helping”. I am quite sure if a Dem made another blatant lie about Trump, it would be considered serious and need to be investigated. the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) from the Committee on Oversight and Reform. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the laptop was planted by the DNC in some form or fashion as an excuse to install Harris. Would it be easier to farm out to the Marshals and other agencies (DEA, etc) some of the FBI’s work, and then FIRE the top two or three dozen FBI hierarchy, and arrest/charge the 50+ agents who accepted bribes and “lied under oath” and then start rebuilding internally? I don’t know what will happen next. I underestimated a thousand fold. Think for yourself. These people need to be fired for covering up and not doing the job they are supposed to be doing. And half the country is for it. Get this one put to bed the Clinton one will be a cakewalk, especially if career employees see the writing on the wall and all of a sudden make the choice they don’t want to go down on that ship. as a distress call for help. Change ). What will the DNC do? As a life long cynic about government, politicians, it exceeds my worst nightmares. My danger meter is not reponding. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Great but you left off “and I am running for the U.S. Senate.”. A 14th amendment citizen can not hold the office of the President so pushing dementia joe out of the way is going to pose problems. Doesn’t this put Whitey Bulger’s convenient murder (October 2018) while in federal custody in a whole new light? It increasingly appears so….and that is sad, because the guy gives every indication he understands the gravity of the corruption — but he doesn’t seem to agree that accountability is needed if that’s the price to “save’ the bloody institutions. Breaking: C-SPAN has just announced that they have put Steve Scully on suspension after learning he did not tell the truth about his email being hacked. Tired of the day’s news and need to escape into something enlightening and uplifting? Guessed, I imagine that Mitch enjoys his wife’s Chinese connection income and you’re right that corruption afflicts both sides of the aisle in the swamp.

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